Enable to filter banners

The number of banners has increased with the arrival of new kingdoms and underground world. It becomes difficult to remember all banners and annoying to scroll in order to find the banner you are looking.

It would be great to have a color filter which enables to filter banners based on the color(s) they boost (IMO, i see no added value in filtering banners based on the color penalized). As unit/weapon color filter it would be able to filter all banners with any selected color or with all selected colors.


I agree with this request and hopefully it could be a very quick edit on the devs side. Sometimes very minor QOL stuff like this gets implemented quickly, lets hope.

I do. I look all the time for baneers that minus a color I’m not using.

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I hand-entered the data, so there could be errors, but I feel like it’s pretty slick.

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Since this is likely to appear in the next patch, I thought it might be useful to revive this thread, with reference to the image the devs posted on Facebook.

In short, I really think this needs some more thought before launch!

Please bear with me on this.

My two main issues are that 1) the Troop Filter interface is overkill for this purpose; and 2) there appears to be no way to search for negative banner colours. The latter is often much more useful than searching for positive colour boosts (as reaffirmed by Tacet in today’s video).

My suggestion: scrap the pop-up filter. Put the six gem colours in a bar between the tabs and the banners (probably need to move the banners down just slightly). Tapping each colour would cycle between unselected, + and -. Always assume “All Colors” (I suspect “Any Color” is just not useful), and always “Show All.”

I really think this kind of thing would be far superior to what I’m seeing in the teaser picture.

(Also, I think it’s really important that the currently-selected banner be on-screen whenever this tab is selected – same for Armour and Classes!)