Can you make the Banner Filters actually work?


Based on this filter, I want to see Banners that give me Blue mana, but I don’t want banners that give me green, green, or yellow mana. I don’t care if banners give me purple or black mana. I have to select “Any color” because “All colors” would show me a banner that gives positive blue, but negative green AND red AND yellow, and such a banner doesn’t exist. Well, I take that back:

That’s what “All colors” returns. But how about “Any Color”?

Wait… what? Let me double check my filter…

Yeah, there are big red Xs through the green, red, and yellow mana symbols and a check mark in the blue one. So… why is it showing me a banner like Mushroom Banner, which is +2 green, +1 brown, and -1 red?

If I CROSS OUT green, I probably don’t want a banner that GIVES ME MORE GREEN MANA. Seems fairly obvious, yet the first two banners shown to me through the filter give me +2 green.

And it even shows me banners that don’t even have blue mana, like Abyssal Banner:

+2 Purple, +1 Red? Lol… what? Yeah, you matched the criteria that I didn’t want yellow, but you ignored the criteria that I didn’t want red and wanted blue. I should only be seeing banners that give +1 or +2 blue, do NOT give green/red/yellow (OR give a negative amount), and give a positive or negative purple/brown, or don’t have it.

BTW, I could just select “Blue” and click “All colors” and then it would ONLY show me banners that give Blue. The problem is that my team only uses Blue, Brown, Yellow, Purple, and Brown. It doesn’t use Green or Red. By selecting Blue only and clicking All Colors, I get banners like Trident Banner that are +2 Blue, +1 Green, -1 Yellow, or Ocularen Banner, which is +2 Green, +1 Blue, -1 Brown.

But it also shows me, tucked away, the Frozen Banner, which is +2 Blue, +1 Purple, -1 Red. That’s a good banner for me! Oddly enough… if I do:


I don’t see Frozen Banner, because the filter only shows me three banners that are -1 green, and Giants banner which is +2 Blue. If I switch it to “Any color,” it’s again all over the place, showing me banners that give +1 green and such.

It’s absolutely unusable.

I may be wrong - but I think the ‘Cross Out’ option doesn’t mean ‘does not have this colour’ - I think it means ‘Has a minus on this colour’.

Perhaps they need to have an extra option for ‘Don’t want this colour’ as well.

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One look at the screenshots I posted would tell you you’re wrong. Sorry to be blunt. You can see in two of the screenshots that green is marked out, but is +2 on the banner. In another screenshot, red is marked out, but is +1 on the banner, and blue, which is checked, isn’t in on that banner.

I think the x means a minus of that color. Since no banners have 2 or more minuses, the filter just doesn’t work when you put x on multiple colors. If you only put x on a single color, the filter works correctly.

Edit: Just found that if want to highlight one color and cross out another color, it totally throws it off. So yeah it very flawed.

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Yeah - that is because ‘Any Color’ is selected - so even though it’s +2 green, it IS Minus Red which is also selected,

Because in that case you have Yellow crossed out which is the Minus on that banner.

‘Any Color’ shows any banner that matches ANY of your colour choices (it doesn’t consider any other). Unfortunately to get them to consider the other choices you need to use ‘All Colors’ option which will only work with 1 Minus.

I DO agree with you that the filter checks could be improved, by adding a ‘not including this colour’ choice as mentioned earlier. Just trying to help with understanding how the current ones work (although - that first one showing +2 blue only flag seems to be broken :joy:).


on ‘Any Color’ definitely. on ‘All Colors’ it works as long as you only cross out 1 and highlight max 2 colours.

Yeah it’s kinda finicky to use.

Yeah - as @igniteice says - improvements would be nice.

I’ll try some more tests. For this one, I want banners that fit this team:


“Suggest Banners” returns this:


Pretty standard, because two of my troops have yellow mana, and three have purple. Conversely though, two have brown and two have blue. Perhaps it favors my hero’s yellow? Regardless, while the banners it returned are decent, it isn’t what I want, so let’s get filtering ourselves…


  1. I do not want any banners that have negative Yellow, Brown, Red, Purple, or Blue. I will take a negative green though. So let’s start with…


This returns all the banners that have -1 green, with anything on top. Now… here’s where the filtering breaks down, because there is no way for me to say “I want all of those banners that don’t have blue on top.” Because if I mark out blue, it now returns all the banners that are either -1 blue or -1 green, when actually, all I wanted was to NOT have +1/+2 blue.

Well, maybe if I try it another way…


Maybe now it will return banners that are -1 green, with any of the checked colors on top, except blue.

Okay, no, that didn’t work. Alright, I know I definitely want +1/+2 red, so I’ll check mark red.


Some of those results are good, but some are bad. That’s because I kept “Any Color” checked. So I’ll try All Colors instead…


Well, now, wait a minute… X on green is supposed to mean it shows me banners that are -1 green, but obviously just a +2 red banner isn’t that at all. The other two banners are okay. The last two banners it returned in the results:

The only two banners there that I would use is Crypt Banner (+2 Red, +1 Purple, -1 Green) and Tinker Banner (+2 Red, +1 Yellow, -1 Green).

The +2 Blue/+1 Red Sunken Banner is exactly the type of banner I was trying to filter out, and the Proud Banner (+2 Red) doesn’t even make sense.

There’s just no way for me to tell the filter system “I want +2 Red, -1 Green, NO +/- Blue”

I prefer my own spreadsheet. Can anyone see and use the following Google Sheet?

Banner Sheet

Use the filter feature found in the tool bar.

I use the Banners (++/-) chart in Gems of War Quick Reference Tables. It’s a lot faster than trying to filter, or even to eyeball the row of banners in the game.

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Oh. Much better than my feeble attempt. Thanks, Fleet, for that link.