Emperor Liang should be Divine/Elf


Why isn’t the Emperor Liang a Divine-Troop?
Lots of the Troops in Shentang are Divine, even the Monkey.
But the Guy who literally LOOKS Divine (with his Angel-Wings and Stuff) is not.

I’d really like to suggest the Idea of making him a Divine/Elf or Elf/Divine.
Would’ve been a great One to include in this Weeks Invasion as well.

Hope to get some Feedback on this Idea and hear some more Pros and Cons from you guys.


It certainly wouldnt hurt if he was.


On that note, how is the new Invasion troop (the Statue) not a Construct?


Good Point.


I disagree. These are Wing Elves aren’t they? The wings come with that, not because they’re angels. I think.

Also the Divine type is relatively over-used and has plenty of troops.


They are Sky Elves (with Sky Ancestry).


You are right. They are called Sky Elves in all the quest and kingdom text. They were referred to as Wing Elves in the Spoilers thread, which was what I was remembering… probably that was an early draft name that @yonizaf found in the game data a year ago…

…they still have wings though, doesn’t mean they need to be Divine types…