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Invasion (Shentang)

Hi everyone, today is the new invasion, as usual i will share my team, feel free to do the same, Happy Gemming Everyone!!!

Sifu Yuan
Hero dawnbringer
Yao gai

I will start with this and see where i can go


I can’t think of anything yet.

Possibly some combination of Mountain Crusher, Yao Guai, Emporer Liang and whatever else.
I don’t have AW unfortunately.

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Didn’t we already do this one before? If we are already repeating Invasions, then either I lost many weeks of my life that I don’t remember, or they don’t plan on doing every kingdom (at least not in order/without repeating before all of them are used at least once).

Hmm. I wonder how often each kingdom troop/weapon will be viable. If I remember correctly, the original predivtion, was each “rotation” would take about two years. But, if they are just going to arbitrarily ignore some kingdoms and repeat others, there’s no telling how often (or not) we’ll be doing some kingdoms.

Great, that’s what this game needs, more randomness :roll_eyes:

I don’t think we’ve seen Shentang in Invasion week before. Possibly raid boss? But I’m not sure about that.


I haven’t looked in game yet, but Raids is usually Kingdoms and Invasions are troop types. So, technically, it’s we’re not using that Kingdom, but what’s inside it, yeah?

Edit: I just looked. The actual thing is Elf. That’s why I got so screwed up. I saw Ricky put a kingdom in the Title of this post and thats why I thought it was weird, because we did that kingdoms for Raids, so I was like “What the Hell?”. I also just woke up, so my reading comprehension is basically non-existent.


Looking at Sifu-Yao-Diviner-Sky Hero (maybe skip hero and use Liang there)

Alternatively Sifu-Yao-YasminePride-LadyAnariel.

Not using Weaver seems wrong though, so I dunno.

looking at Shentang troop this is the first invasion cause we only got Sifu Yuan as invasion troop

I got it, man. The thing is Elves, you just happen to be using Elves from that kingdom. The reason I got screwed up is that Kingdom was actually used for Raids awhile back. Haha.

Sorry it’s the first invasion but we did raid boss, Xiong mao is a raid boss troop

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Yeah, like I said, it’s cool, man. My brain was just trying to piece it all together after only being awake for like 5 minutes. Lol.

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Running Mountain Crusher Diviner Yao Arachnaean Weaver Till It Gets hard… might run a Bard with Thunderbolt + Liang + AW and whoever else is yellow later on

Dark Priestess is a great pick this week. Buffing Siegebreaker’s attack and creating skulls in one cast!

Even Hero with Earth’s Fury is a bit jealous of her.

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Sifu Yuan is a Sky Elf without Transcend… A Sifu without Transcend…
I get how Yao Guai doesn’t have this trait considering the theme/lore of taking a corrupted path for power ans such, but was this an oversight @Sirrian? Can we have it changed/fixed?

I’ve been using:

Sky Hero (Frostmage - Leveling up and unlocking weapon)
Sifu Yuan
Yao Guai
Archanean Weaver

Weaver is just there for support. His stealthy makes him pretty much immune to the towers dangerous attacks and can even explode the board if the towers are weak enough. Don’t forget Weaver can spawn in basically a meat shield to save Sifu or Yao depending on how long the battle is going. Had no problems so far.

Nothing about Wild Plains today?

I’ve mentioned it so many times and i’m trying to come up with something new/interesting for Wild Plains. You know, the kind of thing the devs should be aim for every kingdom…

Oh boy, i guess i just did it. :wink:

Yasmine’s pride
Lady anariel
Banner green / blue / brown

Yao is happy so far, but Sifu is vulnerable without barrier or entangle, and the team isn’t ideal for taking down tower barriers. Not sure I’ll stick with this.

Meat Shield

I’ll edit in an actual troop later.

We had Boss Raid in Shentang - Xiong Mao is the antiboss troop from there.

Mang (Any of the good classes starting out with 50% mana.)
(Lantern Banner)

Spent all Siglis(Tier 4) and won every match.

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