Elemaugrim Teams

Helllooo everyone! I did some teams for the new mythic for any of you that are interested. Best of luck on the key hunt! :smiley:



Puts EMG and Plague in one team, gets 4 4+matches off the starting board turn 1, is surprised about how quick enemy attack is reduced, assumes a nerf is in order… :wink:


I mainly say it due to its value. It currently has same overall reduction as courage has gain (+/- 16), and we all know what that is like. :wink:


Though (and I’ve still yet to watch the video, will take a look tomorrow when I get some time) Courage increases it’s own team’s offense, while Elemaugrim lowers the opposing teams offense. So while it will be an annoyance, you can easily counter it with spell based teams in theory.

Looking forward to seeing what you’ve come up with for teams :wink:

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used 3000 keys and didn’t get him:(… untillll I bought 1 more keyyyyy


I watched the video. Moving the Attack reduction from 3 to 4 with Impervious makes this Mythic an incredible troop. I’m surprised the developers moved away from the old approach they done with most Mythics: of starting weak and buffing them later. Seems the are taking the opposite approach now…

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Watched it too, and Plague did a good amount of the work reducing the attack. Yes the trait is very strong vs skull teams, i already commented in the Spoiler thread that i was surprised they ninja buffed the trait and not the spell.
Anyways the trait also does literally nooting versus spelldamage based teams, where Plagues trait is still incredibly useful.
As for EMGs power i think he is really decent, nowhere near the top mythics though.

You forgot to include the GW teams he’s useful in thanks to Impervious :wink:

Nice team. :thumbsup:

I laughed at your reaction when you saw my defense team. :grin:

That team is beatable for sure, but it’s very intimidating. Some people lose already, mentally, even before the battle start when they saw that defense deck. Especially when you have to fight them with monocolor deck. Ewww.