Eika is doing good!

I am doing great with the income! :joy:


I moved this over to support for you, because I think they would want to see it.

It’s pretty crazy to not even be 0!

Its probably a connection bug or something. But yeah, looks a bit strange. :slightly_smiling:

You should feel deeply honored. For Null Gold is quite hard to acquire, and harder still to smelt. :slight_smile: … Just kidding ya, but it is quite strange. … I also like the +NaN at the bottom.

:dancer: :slightly_smiling:

Happened to me once by harvesting my tributes on my phone all while the game was also running on my computer (with my tributes already waiting to be harvested). Came back on my computer a few minutes later and tried to collect again, I got the “null” thing.

Since then, I’ve done the same thing on a couple occasion, but clicking the stack of gold on steam would do nothing (it is just ignored as if the golds were simply not here… As they aren’t supposed to be here anymore !)

And you Eika, how did you get the null thing?

BTW, for anyone wondering, “null” is a common IT value (slightly different from Zero). As for “NaN”, it means “Not a Number”, wich may end up displayed when you are trying to do “null + null = ?” (and thereyou can have a glimpse of the difference between 0 and null :wink: )

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I had the program in the background then started it from the tab, and saw that Ive got the income, so I clicked on it once, and that window came up, then after the message came up that Ive been disconnected to the game, then right after I could pick up my income again, that time it worked. :slightly_smiling:

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this is a bug that occurs when you leave the game running for a long time, and go back to your map to collect tribute… as soon as you exit out of the null screen, it’ll load, and the tribute will blink fast, and then you can collect it like normal.

Yeah, its not a problem for me. However they moved it to Support.

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Encounter this a few times when playing with my Android mobile. But didn’t report as it’s not that frequent for me

This happened on PC.

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