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Effect name orge borge

One of my teams (Lion prince, the devoted, paladin, flying lion guy) has two squares on the right side of the screen saying ‘‘effect name orge borge’’ in caps and bracketed. Making me confused of if these are effects that are active or not. Removing a card from the deck makes bonus effects reduce and that weird stuff dissapear with it…

i hoped to find some solution in there but at least maybe it can help to identify the problem

I personally thought mayb code conflicts on bonus values listing on right side of screen like it can only manage 3 at once… Oh and all troops in my team also had refund option aswell.

It’s totally cosmetic. I had a giant /elemental 4 stat team. The numbers add up for all 4 bonuses.

Sounds like an effect name that is supposed to go with the unreleased Swedish Chef character.