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Clicking Hero Weapon In GW Defense

… freaks out, tries to display everything.


I have my hero on all six days’ defenses. This happens if I click my hero on any past or current day (so two right now) but not future days.

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I posted this last night to the “known issues” thread. All the buttons are non functioning. It appears to just be a display freak out. Orge-borge is my favorite, though. :joy:

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We really need a Swedish Chef troop and this needs to be his spell name.


So how is the hero treated in term of unique GW defense?
Does he counts as one?
Or does each Class counts as one?
Or is he count by the weapon he uses?

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I’m not sure where, but @Ozball said each unique weapon counts as a unique troop.


Can you let us know which weapon this was? And which platform was this on?

EDIT: And yes, each weapon should count as a unique troop.

The new soulforged swords. In this case, Frost Sword and Stone Sword. If the pattern holds, Nature Sword will do the same thing 6 hours from now.

I originally found this running Steam, but I checked it literally just now on iOS and it behaved the exact same way there, too.

This is all after the 3.2 hotfix.

Same thing happened on my Xbox account with Wicked Scythe


Thanks for the feedback all, we’ve found the issue for it and should be fixed in the next patch.

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