Question about Hero and unique troops

I was wondering, if I use the Hero in a defense GW team, does it counts as a unique troop, or the weapon used count as unique?

For example I want to use Hero with Assassin in a skull spam team with Dagger one day, so the next day I have to change class or weapon or the Hero itself?

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Each weapon used counts as a unique troop.


Follow up question for you @Ozball:

With the new system coming which locks in defenses Day 1, will I be able to change Hero CLASS despite the TROOP (read Weapon) lock?

Ex: Day 1 I run an Assassin with Imperial Jewel
Day 2 I have a mech team, and need to be a Mechanist with Anu’s Sceptre
Day 3 my Giants need their Titan, with Thorodin


Will this work? Or will all GW teams have an Assassin even if I change class each day?


BUMP, cause I would love to have answer to this before setting my defenses this week. :wink:

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I would guess every hero will be the same class cause i think the defense lock when the day start

My gut says that as well, but @Ozball mentioned it considers the WEAPON the UNIQUE troop which begs the question, since the CLASS change is done elsewhere, ie not in the TROOP menu, then perhaps it changing will override the lock.

The WEAPON of course would be locked as it is the TROOP in the HERO equation.

Maybe if you put assassin day 1 then mech day 3 and giant day 5 it will work
So while day 2 is locked and you dont use hero that day, you will be able to change hero class for day 3

Not sure it’s a good idea to Change every day, some people having trouble to set their team, it keep reverting to last week team.

Based on what we see in other areas of the game, I would guess the hero’s class is not part of the information the game stores about the team. By which I mean, from the game’s perspective, a team is banner + troop/weapon 1 + troop/weapon 2 + troop/weapon 3 + troop/weapon 4. And if you’re using a weapon, it uses whatever class the hero is at the time of the battle.

So if you want to use a different class every day, you want to change it yourself at the start of the day that you want to use it on. It would also mean you could change the hero class in the middle of the day and have that change reflected in your defence team.

Again, just a guess. Looking forward to official confirmation :slight_smile:


Using hero in gw defence is a complete mess. They really haven’t thought about it at all. It’s almost like they don’t want you to use it.