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PC/Console - GW defense - with 24 unique troops and color countering solutions

So, while we wait until game is playable (i sure do)
how about doing some team building outside of the game?

Please throw your ideas for good gw defense teams of 3 or 4 unique troops for the extra gw points!

preferably a set of 6 unique defense teams, at least one team per color, and not many troop repetitions in it :slight_smile:

Trolls for each day of colour to power some of the hard hitting counter troops (Ironbeard on red, Wild Fang on yellow etc) plus a Titan hero for faster charge.

Do we know how the hero is counted in the ‘unique’ troop?


They haven’t mentioned that. It’s a good question though. Perhaps, hero with different weapons or classes count as a different troop?


It does not count … last time I checked, I had 23 unique troops … hero was out.

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