Earths Fury Added to the shop under weekly event

Earth’s Fury. Everybody should have this Hero weapon. I believe it’s an old school weapon; I have it on XBOX, but not on my Android device. When will it come back around? Has it been discontinued? I would pay big bucks to be able to purchase.

Note from Sirrian (Head Dev)


Bumping this up the top because more people need to see it. Huge, welcome news. Thank you @Fiara for sharing it!

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Wait… maybe I’m not fully understanding this… is earth’s fury in the shop now as in today, May 17, 2019? Thanks for clarifying. I can’t log on to my game now.

I should’ve added the date with the screenshot but Sirrian’s statement was released on the 14th of June.

You should just stick to Xbox :crazy_face:

Sadly, my XBOX is not mobile… But my mobile device is.

What is the status of this? We saw War & peace in the soulforge this week. Is that where the old weapons will be going to be forged, or will they be added under weekly deal purchases?

Scroll to the bottom and you’ll find the remaining weapons related to Khaziel less the Deepstone.

Any weapons that were sold in the weekly shop have been confirmed not available in the soulforge and only obainable through real cash :moneybag:

Also just to elaborate a little more on Avathar below, there will also be flash sales in 3 weeks time where it will sell weapons you don’t own so by cash means you may able to get the Earth’s Fury a little more earlier if you’re willing to pay.

Earth’s fury should be available in the forge during the next Grosh-Nak event week :slight_smile:

Oct 07, 2019
56 Days left until Earths Fury is available. This is frustrating.

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Not really. You’ll get it for free, eventually.
Unless, if you get the Weapon Flash Offer a week from now.

So, the real question is, can you wait for a bit less than two months, or can you pay and get it now, if it appears?

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See, people complained about this when it happened. People who have money in their fists don’t want to hear “I’ll take it in two months, check back every day and see if you get lucky.” We pointed this out when they “adopted” the solution to appease us.

What we have now was even called the worst solution by the devs. We got it because they ignored it for 2 years, until the players got mad enough about it we completely wrecked an update over it. I still can’t remember what 4.4’s features were. All I remember is half the forums threatening to quit.

It’s still not great. But at least it’s possible.

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It appeared as a Flash Offer for me today. Now do I buy it or wait another month and a half…! D:


me personally, since i’d spend 60$ for a “repeat” madden game, i’d spend the 4.99 on the flash offer. probably be more fun than madden :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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I’m no stranger to spending money frivolously on games either, haha:. I’ve bought what amounted to a $50 pack of cosmetics in the other F2P game I play, a few times now. The pack includes experience/gold boosters too, but at the stage I’m at in that game, I have no need for them.

Yet I’m questioning $5 purchase here. :thinking:

Now that I think about it more. It does make sense. The cosmetics in the other game were exclusive to that pack, while I can wait 2 months to get the same weapon for ‘free’.

You can’t go wrong with your choice, unless if $5 will make a big difference in your life.
If not, then go for it.

Update. This weapon became available to me through purchase about 1 month after I posted this. I use E.F. more than any other weapon, so it was the best 6 bucks I have ever spent! Additionally, GOW keeps tabs on what we have and do not have, receiving weekly offers for weapons that I currently do not own. It’s a cash cow for this game for sure.