Duplicate and Bonus Campaign Tasks

Hi Adventurers,

There are going to be a couple of issues with this week’s Campaign Tasks which we want to inform you about:

1. Duplicate Tasks

When re-rolling or skipping Tasks this week there is a chance that the new Task you receive will be the same Task as the one you just skipped/re-rolled.

2. Bonus Tasks

Some players may receive a bonus Task above the number of Tasks that would normally be released during the Campaign.

These issues will be fixed for future Campaigns, however, unfortunately, we’re unable to fix them for the currently active Campaign.

We have made a Known Issue article which I’ve linked below, so that this issue is easy to share with the community:


I don’t even much care what the bugs are, if they are informed like this. Honestly and asap. It makes a huge difference, that I won’t have to get through people with pitchforks and torches to try to find answers to issues in the game, saves a lot of time and nerves… Hopefully you guys can keep this up, the bugs will be found anyway by the players, no need to be ashamed of them, just straightforward honesty is what we need!


Spot on. Proactive comms about issues is much appreciated and is so much better than the community having to work out there is an issue ourselves


Bad news is good news when it’s communicated well like this! Appreciate it a lot! This really does go a long way in restoring communication.


Just curious, has anybody really received an extra task on top of the standard ones this week?

No threats of “no more communications and won’t revert the stance”?

As per documented historical precedent:
Lack of Softskills Incident >>> Quiet/Professional-Sounding Period as if nothing happened >>> Gradual progression towards next Incident

It’s… Been… Like… This… For… Years…

After all the heads up @Nimhain received in this particular instance, we’ll have to assume that the powers that be are ok with this when it inevitably happens again
:sweat_smile: :vulcan_salute:

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