Dunno if this is just how Casual PVP...IS...or if this is a bug; gonna err on caution

Platform, device version and operating system: PC

**Screenshot or image:


What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened: I sure as hell wasn’t expecting a difficulty option in PVP! Isn’tthat supposed to be just based on skill and s—?

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening? Every time I do a PVP match; all you have to do is pick a match. This is in Casual PVP, so maybe that’s why, but even still, there shouldn’t be a difficulty selector.

Steps to make it happen again: Just choose an opponent in PVP. You’ll see this option.

What would the difference between Casual and Ranked be then?
Why does it bother you that matches can be made more Difficult?

And no… It’s not a bug. So maybe change the category to “feedback”.

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I guess in all this time you’ve never tried casual PVP? It’s always had a difficulty slider.

The devs have been removing difficulty sliders from the game each patch, but they won’t have removed them completely until 5.0. That’s why for the last few patches, players have been able to exploit (without punishment) that setting Casual PvP’s difficulty affected the rewards/difficulty in modes like Explore that used to have difficulty but were rebalanced to reflect not having it.

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