Casual PVP Difficulty Bugged for New Player


Platform -
Windows 10 Steam. iPad iOS 11.2.6. Android version 8.0.0

Screenshots -

Issue -
My friends (who are mostly level 1,000+) described finding extremely weak teams that could be beat quickly in casual PvP, but for me I very rarely find teams that are that weak. Sometimes all the teams that appear are so powerful my strongest team takes at least a few minutes to finish or I can’t beat them at all. Last week I played a little ranked before the reset, but I didn’t play any after it until I noticed this issue then I lost quite a few matches to see if it somehow made casual PvP a bit easier (edit: since some people have questioned this.
For clarification The game reset on Monday and the problem started BEFORE I played a few rounds of Ranked so I could lose and drop my rank). It makes no sense that such high level players are finding weaker teams than someone who’s been playing for barely a week and a half.

When did this start -
Monday after the reset. Even before that I had some minor issues though.

Update: I approve of the title “Casual PVP Difficulty Bugged for New Player” and bug section for this post. Please don’t change this without at least talking with me about why it is being changed first and asking directly confirming that I want to change it. Only the devs can decide if this is a bug or not. I also added a more recent screenshot of my PVP page.

Update 2: So last night at midnight I hit level 800 and suddenly I have lots of very weak players to fight~ Obviously it is not my Ranked position (or the fact that I played it this week) OR my level.

Update 3: Now I actually have a decent team so Ranked is fun. I still get low level enemies if I don’t play Ranked, but it’s not that big of a deal anymore. Still would have been nice when I was low level and I consider this a big deal for low level players who want to earn a decent amount of glory without having an awesome team.


Casual PvP, in my experience, has NEVER represented easier matches than Ranked. I don’t know if this is by design or not. The only difference I’ve noticed is lower rewards and you don’t gain/lose rank so it’s slightly faster to play the matches since there’s one less screen.

I don’t like this. I wish Casual represented some lower-difficulty mode.


The point with casual is that you can repick for only 50 gold and not spend 1 gem for it. Just repick a few times and you will find levels under 100.


This is not the case for the OP unfortunately. Doesn’t matter how many times they refresh they’re not getting lower levelled players to face.

I would post what I’m being put up against constantly, but the last time something good happened for the players it was nerfed, so I’ll keep it to myself.


I don’t know but it works for me lol


It works me as well :+1: And I’m double the level of the OP.

That’s the issue though, it doesn’t not work for Argentin.

Btw, if this gets nerfed I’m blaming you hah.


I don’t view “if I tap a button a few times and spend a few hundred gold I eventually get an easy match” as properly introducing a “casual PvP mode”.

We’d hoot and holler if the game were implemented, “You don’t always get a 3-trophy match. If you don’t get one, just spend a few gems and one will be provided since you clearly want one.” This is the inverse, and that it’s gold doesn’t really make it more fun.


I’m having the same issues this week. I was getting like the second set of screen shots, but now I’m lucky if I can get anything below 7,000. Its making PvP a nightmare. I’m about ready to say screw the 5 extra glory per battle and do the Event in Explore.

It sucks too, because I was getting easier teams as soon as a week or 10 days ago. I don’t know what changed


Casual pvp challenges are partly based on weekly ranked pvp score, and always has been.

No bug, no problem, and gold/pvp points has been one of those long things that devs have said need a look at, but it’s not a bug.

So, no bug, no problem, nothing to see here.


Well, then I don’t know what messed with mine. I’ve been doing the same things for 16 months, and this is the first time I can’t even get a team below about 7,000 to appear in casual PvP. Guess I’m just “lucky”. Pfft.


This is exactly what my friends have showed me and I get told they destroyed 5+ teams while I’m still working on the first xD I haven’t seen someone this weak since I started lol Send some of those my way. It looks like you can handle the more powerful ones better than I can :yum:


I think something that ruins my fun completely and nobody seems to care to fix is a problem even if it’s not a bug. Guess I posted in the wrong section, but there is certainly something to see here. (Actually it’s much too rude to say no one cares since the issue has just been brought up. Hopefully it will be resolved quickly.)


Sad to hear you’re having the same issue, but at least I’m not alone! Everyone finally told me to quit messing with PvP cause they could tell I was really upset and concerned I would burn out. Hope our problems get better and you enjoy Explore until then :grin:


I noticed this as well. People kept telling me to avoid Ranked because you could get faster kills in Casual but the weakest teams I’ve ever found were in Ranked. This makes zero sense to me since Casual to me is literally meant for people who are trying to just enjoy the game. At least that’s what the word means to me.


I spent over 1k trying to get a team that was around my power level last night and they got stronger towards the end. That only ever happened once, thankfully.


Yeah, but it made last week’s PvP only event a huge pain and now they’re doing 5 extra glory per battle if you use the new troop. So, it’s a bad time to stop playing PvP, but it’s also a pain playing it. It’s a double-edge sword, if you will.


Sorry for the intrusion, but, what level are you @JonathanStriker? If you don’t mind me asking. I know what level @Argentin is. I’m just trying to put 2 and 2 together here.


I’m double his level, but even @AngryMidget said he was about double the OP’s level and was getting easier teams. And I was too, until about a week or 10 days ago, then they just stopped. And I haven’t changed how I’ve played for the last 16 months. So, am at a loss for a reason.


Try setting the lowest point value pvp defense team you can and try it again. I don’t have solid evidence, but it seems to make a big difference to me. I’m level 1100 or so and I’m seeing this.


Totally agree. If it stays like this I can’t see myself enjoying the game as much since I’ll always be fighting just to keep up with my friends that can get 3-5x more than me in the same time.