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Impossible PVP matches..... CLOSED

I have been seeing opponents in PVP that are literally impossible to beat. The first showed a player that was in the 250ish level range and approx. 8k in power. They had this set up…image
The next instance is from about a week ago and I believe we each had one turn…image

How can a person’s team be this incredibly strong, esp. with the players level and the level of the cards and traits? 383 combined shield and health with ONE opponent. 278 was the smallest opponent. Another opponent with 102 attack. The smallest starting with that group was 66.

Just seems like this has to be a glitch. I have had this happen other times as well but PVP is typically where it happens the most frequently. Also, I had been doing PVP for over an hour, yet when I looked in my history, it showed…image

There should be atleast a dozen more showing.

You’re doing casual PvP battles on high difficulty rather than ranked pvp. That’s why they’re so buffed and not showing up in the PvP history.

Make sure you’re either in ranked pvp or reduce the difficulty level for casual PvP.

Negative, this is ranked PVP. Casual in my opinion is almost worthless.

shrug ok. I have yet to see an instance of someone bring this up where it hasn’t been a case of them accidentally being in casual PvP. But please continue pursuing the glitch theory. It’s possible even if not likely.

Shrugs back… just because YOU haven’t seen it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Have you ever met Tom Cruise? I am pretty sure just because you haven’t doesn’t mean he doesn’t exist either. I appreciate help or constructive advice however smug or conceited remarks are uncalled for.

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Brat, have you sent in a support ticket?

Opponents having too high stats: You’re in casual PVP (with higher-than-normal difficulty).
Battle Log not showing battles: You’re in casual PVP (since battles in casual don’t show up in the log).

Therefore, I conclude that you are casual PVP, no matter what else you say. And if there should be a dozen more battles showing in your log, then you haven’t noticed for a dozen battles that you are in casual PVP since while maaaaaybe, with small possibility, one battle could glitch out, I doubt it glitches out a dozen times and only for you - this is the first time I’ve heard about casual PVP suddenly slipping into ranked PVP.

Remember that, unless you close the PVP window, the game remembers if you are in casual or ranked. If you accidentally end up in casual, you will remain in casual until you start PVP up anew.

But hey, if you think we’re all wrong, then contact support - they have an endless queue right now, though. From your screenshots, no one will be able to help you since, yeah, it looks like casual PVP in every single one of them. But support can look into your account. We can’t. All we see is casual PVP. Really. No one is trying to be mean.


No, they won’t respond here? Or is it just more effective or easier to do it that way?

It seems like you are dealing with a complicated bug that will require them to check your account closely in order to fix it. I do say it could at least be a little more reliable getting help by sending a ticket.


Thank you. I appreciate your help. I know my vision is very bad, I don’t see how it is possible to switch without me be aware of it, but hey, I guess I could be wrong. If I was a gambling man I would have bet I was in ranked all along.

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Thing is, the screenshots you show here are nothing new as a lot of people had this ‘my opponents have crazy stats’-problem before and the answer was, so far, always “You’re in casual PVP”. So if the devs only see your screenshots here, they won’t be able to say more than that.

But support actually looks in your account. When contacting support, you need to enter your invite code in the form and all, so that they can find you and take a closer look. And also ask guild and level and your operating system. If this is really a bug, they need that information, too. So yes, contact support.

Another hint: If it happens again, look at the refresh button after the battle (when you’re back in the PVP menu). Shows gold? Casual. Shows a gem? Ranked.


For the record I did give you constructive & helpful advice that you immediately discarded because it’s obviously impossible that you could have mistakenly been in casual PvP.

And I have seen it - when I was accidentally in casual PvP. I also conceded it was always possibly something else was going on even if it’s not likely to be the case.

I also don’t know this Tom Cruise you speak of but seeing as there are billions of people I don’t know personally I would also concede that I can’t rule out his existence.

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imagehere is another glitch I get quite frequently. I have been told this is more common. “Ghost” opponents.

I have those, too. Everyone has them. :wink: Sometimes they cause the game to even need one more attack on the “ghost” before it registers that the battle is over. It’s annoying, but harmless and shouldn’t crash anything - at least it hasn’t for me so far. It’s definitely a known bug the devs know about.

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Most frustrating when it is in the top position. When you do skull damage to it and nothing shows… then you look at the card and see that he doesn’t block skull damage and there is nothing wrong with my guys either… I am like… what the? Not really hurtful, just annoying.

Devs… I don’t know how to or I would, feel free to close or delete this post or thread. Thank you and thank you everyone for your help and constructive criticism. Much appreciation!