Dropping $16 Million gold alone for achievement come one come all!

Good evening,

I am posting this message to let everyone know that I alone will be dropping $16 Million gold on my guild “Sing My Praises Peons” on 18/02/2019 (Today). Just for a little background, I am looking to get the team synergy achievement, and decided that the only way to 100% guarantee it was to contribute the amount of gold needed for it entirely by myself. My guild is open to all so if you are looking for some free boosts or a place to get some bonuses for a while feel free to join, the more the merrier! I have included a picture of my current gold for proof if anyone is worried its too good to be true! Gamertag Aducknamedjafar. 20190113_223521|666x500


Are you live streaming this? That would be cool.

Sorry, not set up for live streaming. Wife had too much time on maternity leave and got all the gold we needed so figured I might as well get an achievement out of it and spread the joy.

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Just a fyi… You’ll find at least a few players who have donated 50-100 million gold all at once here on the forums. I’m happy for you that you are excited about this…

Due to this quote…I felt you required the information that us “peons” are already knowledgeable about. :grinning:

I did the same thing in my guild just because I wanted the achievement badly enough XD

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Just for your info, there are many, many guilds with somewhat low requirements that still manage to get all tasks done and even complete legendary tasks.

Don’t get me wrong, I really appreciate your effort along with the opportunity for others just to get this achievement to pop. :grinning:

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