A Few XBox Achievement Questions

I haven’t played in some time and just saw that there are new achievements on the XBox. I understand what most of them mean and how to get them, except for two of them:
The Team Synergy one to complete all guild tasks in a week. I’m not for certain what this means tbh.
Also, the I’m Not Scared of the Boogeyman achievement…what are progress events?

I’ve looked on the menus on the game and have Googled as much as I can and can’t find answers to either of these.


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For the “Team Synergy” achievement, your guild would need to contirbute enough gold to guild tasks in a week to complete all of your statues. This takes a total of about 15.5 million gold and is therefore limited to guilds with a lot of hardcore players or guilds that are willing to save up for several weeks and coordinate their donations.

There is an X-Box Guild looking to recruit players to earn the Team Synergy achievement right now:

For the “boogeyman” achievement, the requirement would change every week. If you go to the event screen from the map screen, you can see this week’s events. One of those will specify 6 levels of rewards and the number of event points required to receive them. For this week, to earn the achievement, you would need to defeat 1000 enemies in explore mode. Starting Monday, it will be something else.


Thanks so much for the help. Much appreciated!


Also my guild, TrueAchievementElite (#7 guild), will at some point in the future be hosting an event where we invite people into the guild so they can get the achievement…look out for an announcement in our guild thread… https://www.trueachievements.com/forum/viewthread.aspx?tid=803894