Drop Rates for Xbox series S needs improvement

That’s what it shows me on my Xbox series S
I been playing for 6 years and had to rely
On the soulforge to get all the mythics
And back then we only had six guardian task to
Complete in the guild so I was luckily enough to
Unlock legendary task a few times to get some good troops
But you had to complete all other task to unlock the legendary task
Now we have 12 guardian task and getting the Legendary task
Is impossible now. We all need gems of war to be less stressful
And need less guardian task and higher drop rates for all chest.

Save your keys and glory for new mythics, and your event keys for new troops that are exclusive to event keys for their release week.

That’s all I can tell you.

Never had a problem getting the new mythic once I started doing that.

I own all but 5 mythics, 3 of which are apocalypse troops - I’ve been playing since January 1st 2020.

Odds are low but not impossible.

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I used more keys and opened more chest in 6 years and all I got was old copies of troops so I basically used soulforge to get mine.
Long ago about 4 years ago we only had 6 guardian task to complete and unlocked the legendary task that gave the best chance in the game to get the troops and materials, we needed to upgrade everything. I got some troops from the legendary task. All I want is things to be easy and not stressful. It’s crazy how they made gems of war now. Who has the time to honestly do every task and event now days? They did all the updates and upgrades but never made anything easier. Which in my opinion makes it extremely hard for any guild now to enjoy.

Just to clarify that this affects all platforms and isn’t unique to just Xbox. Here’s the drop rates graphics I made based on the rates

I think the other posts sum up that it’s a slim chance but the same slim chance we all experience and things like being in an active guild to get plenty of keys plus not wasting keys, looking ahead at spoilers to plan when you will use keys, always buying 10 spoils of war event keys in the shop etc will give you the best chances. Good luck in your hunt for the troops