Dreaming of Rockworm Queen!

She is a Legendary from Khaziel. And she is Brown/Red.
She is the closest thing to Jarl Firemantle.

Queen’s Feast
(Cost:15 BrownRed)
She creates 9 Brown and 9 Red Gems, then deal [6+Magic] damage to the last enemy.

I know I am just dreaming, but can’t deny it.

Any thoughts about this? and also thoughts about what her skill should be like to fit in Khaziel, they have already Deep borer and Rockworm that creates brown. So I was thinking why not make another creator. lol


Oh my, and the regular Rock Worms are already such a pest. :slightly_smiling:

Not in PVP cuz they eat up all extra turns before they hit. :slightly_smiling:

So you want to make Rock Worms like Slivers from Magic: The Gathering? :stuck_out_tongue: Dreaded.

I’d give her something like Goblin King, creating a new Rockworm.

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I am glad we are getting a status effect that disables extra turns. Especially if this becomes a thing.

I’m going to adjust it a little for balance sake.

Queen's Feast (Cost:16 Red/Purple)
She creates 9 Brown and 9 Red Gems, then deal [4+Magic] damage to the last enemy.

#1 - Stone Heart (Gain 1 Life for each Brown ally.)
#2 - Big (Gain 1 Life on 4 or 5 Gem matches.)
#3 - Armored (Reduce damage from Skulls by 25%.)

I’ve altered it to no longer double feed itself. The traits I find especially fitting.

(I know someone’s thinking it, no, Stoneskin + Huge + Stone Link would NOT be fair traits. :whacks:)

“The Great Maw” is coming. That has to be the Rock Worm Queen. :relieved::relieved:


It was so hard to not leak a picture of this when you started the thread.