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Dragon's Peak 2nd Guild Looking for Guild Leader

Hello everyone! I am currently looking for someone who can be a guild leader for a 2nd guild of mine. This guild has yet to be created, but it will serve the purpose of guild overflow with recruitment requests. Many of the top guilds have been doing it and I am starting to get so many requests that I can’t accept that I figured there is now a need to do the same.

This 2nd guild is still going to be relatively competitive. The minimum for it will be 300k gold 300 trophies per week. Anyone interested in being the guild leader for the guild must meet these requirements:

  • Level 100+
  • All Kingdoms at level 10
  • Easily be able to do 300k/300 every week
  • Must be able to recruit, kick, and enforce minimum
  • Must use the forum regularly so I can forward all rejected recruitment and kicks from Dragon’s Peak

Everything not mentioned above is up to the guild leader’s decision as to how the guild will be run. If you are interested either message below or PM me with:

  • Level
  • Average contribution per week
  • Why you want to run the guild
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Second wing in real, now it’s full dragon. :smile_cat:

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