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Dragons Banner teams!

The new Kingdom got released today, ‘Dragon’s Claw’.
With it came another cool banner that gives 2+ red, 1+ yellow, - 1 brown mana.

So what team(s) is on your menu when it comes to this banner? :slight_smile:

Any team with Valkyrie in it.




(Preferably fully traited)

The Dragon Soul

With any luck, Mercy will be able to proc a 4+ match first turn. Cast Celestasia on The Dragon Soul. Loop, loop, loop.

Not the greatest, but makes use of all (relevant) colors and boosts The Dragon Soul’s skill… Pretty slow, though.

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Crimson Bat


Morthani’s Will
Crimson Bat

Dragon soul is, well not a certain troop. Explosions can often set the board for your opponent. Other than that his third trait is so strange. He could literally go to one of your good troops.
He could work nice with a summoner but the problem is he can randomly enter that summoner. .

Yeah, I suppose that’s true. I was only able to theory-craft, as I don’t have The Dragon Soul. I’m not sure of its practicality, since I haven’t used it for myself yet.

Also, I thought his explosions scaled by magic, but I guess that isn’t the case?

They do, by 1/2 Magic. http://ashtender.com/gems/troops/the-dragon-soul

Wow. Didn’t realise how poor the Dragon Soul’s stats are, even at maxed Mythic.

Yeah…I have the troop but I can’t figure out what niche it’s supposed to occupy. The third trait might actually be more of a liability than a benefit, and I’m not going to invest in it until I have a solid plan.

I think the niche is soul and mana generation, less souls generation than Valkyrie but can generate all colours through the explosions.

I think the third trait is interesting as potentially it pairs with, wait for it, Dokkalfar!