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Video: The Dragon Soul Teams - Self Looping Soul Farm Troop

Hello everyone! Today I go over the The Dragon Soul and show teams with it that can soul farm. This troop is particularly effective compared to something like Valkyrie for The Dragon Soul is self looping and does damage. The Dragon Soul also has no soul drawback to magic reduction or low level like Valkyrie does. This is due to the dragon having a static 10 souls per cast. It is the first troop added to the game that is a viable alternative to Valkyrie.



Instead of mana shield the troop should have gotten necromancy. That would have been a very viable replacement of Valkyrie.

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You’ve just given me a terrible idea…

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I have those same ideas when I’m drunk and full of chicken wings.


What purpose does Sheggra have in that second team? Is Bone Dragon ok?

You could use Bone Dragon, but The Dragon Soul will destroy all the armor. I find it better to just wait until the explosion leaves a bunch of reds.

Somepoint close to end i was like: “omg die already dragon soul, i want to see that possesion in practice”! xD

I really do think Possession is weaksauce for a legendary trait. If you want it not to die, put it in the 3rd or 4th slot and hey presto… It only really works if you are strapped for legendaries and desperately want that one to survive, which implies an amount of resources too low to trait the thing in the first place.

The only thing I can see Possession being good on in the future is when better 1 cast only offensive spells enter the game. Currently every single 1 use spell in the game buffs stats in some way. As soon as 1 cast spells are added that are purely damage based, that possession will be good to free up slots.

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Not as long as Possession is random. You might be able to make use of one one-shot troop, but you’d still need a backbone of other solid troops, and Possession could just as easily target them as the one-shotter – and then you’re really up a creek.

Possession should always target a predictable slot (my vote is for last slot).


That would also give Possession a real purpose. I hate when Valkyrie gets sniped, and I lose that Necromancy buff. With Possession, I wouldn’t have to worry about losing Necro.

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Yeah they definitely should rework it so it’s not completely random and you can use strategy!

It seems a bit odd that a legendary trait could actually be a bad thing. I personally am not going to fully trait the troop if I ever get it until it gets changed (if it ever does) because that can actually hurt your team and cause a loss that you otherwise might have avoided.

It definitely needs more strategy and less random for the trait.

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Great video.