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Dragonguard build: the "Inflatable Dragoons" (detailed)

Hi everyone!

So, if, like me, some of the things you enjoy most in this game are :

  • 4+ matches (because of replays)
  • scatter damages
  • Dragons!

Then i submit to you this fun-to-play team:

the Inflatable Dragoons!

This team revolves around 2 things :

  • huge Life boosts that make you virtually unkillable AND ALSO feed your Hero’s Scatter Nuke
  • explosive Mana Generators that ALSO support you (Divinia) or Deal damages (the Sould Dragon)

And when I say “nuke”, I mean it : you’re Hero will easily turn into a 300+ HP mosnter, boosting the damage from their Fire Ruby Staff (Attack+Armour+LIFE/3)

429 HP and already 55 Magic, that’s a big staff: 61+145 scatter dmg.

How to play this build:

    1. Start and Priority: loading the Soul Dragon (Purple & Red). Always fire as soon as up.
    1. ALWAYS take a 4+ match (obviously). Even if it breaks a potential Skull match, 4+ matches are your priority. Likewise, taunting enemy with a Skull match (which the AI will almost always take) to create a follow-up 4+ should be taken, because you quickly will recover from the Skull damage (class Talent 40% skull reduction).
    1. if no P or R match available, play Yellow (for Divinia, secondary Generator). Cast her ability when Soul Dragon is not up OR you have a nasty status effect to get rid of.
    1. spam Soul Dragon + Heal from Divinia / Emperinazara combo
    1. don’t fire that staff yet (most Soul Dragon board clear will instarefill Emperinazara if you keep your staff loaded)
    1. once your hero’s HP are big enough, start firing your Ruby Staff
    1. Rince and Repeat. :slight_smile:

Features :

  • High reward on 4+ matches : everytime you hit a 4+, everybody gets +2 Life AND Magic (Emperinazara), all Dragon get +1 Life and Magic (Hero’s trait #2) and one random Ally gets a random positive status effect (Divinia).
    And though those 4+ don’t cascade as brutally as with the Titan Class (because no storms here), you get still them in more than one occasion, considering how your 2 Generators clear the board most of the time.

  • Cleanse on generator (Divinia) : easy allround counter to many “disrupting” decks (like webs, death marks, freeze), etc. Not as good as a passive cleanse on 4+ matches (like Queen Beetrix’s), but still.

  • Built-in FUBAR Failsafe : though Emperinazara is mostly here for her 3rd trait (main build up on 4+, too bad Soul Dragon’s dmg doesn’t scale with Magic as well!),the few times something goes wrong and you’re in a pinch, she will have your back. She summons Kobolds to quickly fill any vacancy in the first slots. And if the enemy doesn’t dispatch those “living shields” quickly enough, the rest of your team starts really growing in HP.
    I’ve had huge comeback from an early kill that were very fun.

Once inflated, Dragoons are big. Life capped at 1000 and 90+ Magic big…

What this build ISN’T:

  • Not a PvP build. I haven’t played much PvP with it, but I don’t see it perform well there (I prefer builds centered around constant replays, so opponent can’t play at all),
  • Not a speed build. Most of the times, it takes 3-4 matches to gain momentum and get going. But once you’ve started, it can’t be stopped.

But for my 900+ lvl who hasn’t any of the “Endgame Mythics” yet, it to be a surprisingly solid deck!

It easily takes care of:

  • Explores up to lvl 9 and Challenges up to lvl 8 are a no brainer. Constantly cast, easy win.
  • Pet Rescues, Dungeon Bosses, Epic Adventures are easy too.

TL;DR: play this build, get big, scatter kill your enemies!

Let me know me what you think if you give it a try or how you would improve it.


Thanks for posting this. I’m always on the look out for new teams to try. They don’t gotta be quick- they just gotta be fun. I’m gonna try this out. Thanks!

Thanks! Eager to have your feedback.

Come to think of it, I forgot to mention this build is quite nice for those who want to build up their Dragonguard class: it doesn’t require any of the traits or talents to work well, and you can’t play it pretty much everywhere (adventure dailies, traitstone farming in Explores, Challenge clears, low/mid PvP)

Very Nice.

I’m experimenting with your team but replacing your Goblin/Naga (Emperinazara) with a Dragon (Celestasia). Just because I want nothing but Dragons on the team.

I know, right? But it works so well, and Emperinazara looks a bit like a Dragon. If only she had been a Goblin / Dragon…

If Celestasia doesn’t work out well, try Tinseltail (https://gowdb.com/troops/6639): I haven’t (yet), but he could be a good fallback for a “Double Double Dragon” team. :wink:

But tbh: nothing can quite replace Emperinazara in this build, and it is probably a lot less strong without her. I haven’t looked, but I wonder what good “4x dragons” builds are floating around.

Once you get Dragonguard to 100, you may want to try Nocturnia instead of The Dragon Soul. Nasty true splash damage, no color blocking, and burns for triple skull damage because lol Fireblade. Can also replace Fire Ruby Staff with Essence of Evil, or a cheap mana grabber like Anu’s Scepter.


I certainly will, thanks: who doesn’t love true splash dmg?
Also, Nocturnia is one of my favorite troop art.