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Help with building a team!

I been playing this game for about two weeks and got the Sun bird / fire bomb combo for fast explorations but I’m missing a good team for harder fights, like PVP & Dungeon.

All help or tips is very appreciated!

Here is my collection


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Good collection. You have tons of options, as well as any defenses that kick your tail–make em your own.

Play around with divine protector, ishbaala, infernus, bloodhammer, try boosting with mercy or another empowered color-changer and never give up the turn.

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I didn’t see Infernus/Ishbaala in there :thinking: and hey Mattie!

She’s right, though, you do have some good troops in there. With The Dragon Soul and Lord Ember, you should be able to put together a good dragon team (maybe use Dragotaur, as well?), or maybe try pairing together Infernal King and King Bloodhammer with some other Mana converters. Don’t forget that you can use Boss-killer type troops for Dungeons, as well :slightly_smiling_face:.