Dragonator 8000 team


I (finally) unlocked this weapon, and love status effect teams, what are you’re favorite trans using this weapon?


Triple Hag & Dragonator 8000.


Yes, I’ve seen that, and while it’s a decent defense deck, it’s a little tough to pay offensively.


I’m not having a great result using Dragonator 8000, rather disappointed at this point.
Anyone have a good combo idea with Dragonator 8000.?


I really WANT this team to work!


Have you considered using it along side troops that deal extra damage depending on the inflicted status ailment on the enemy?


I’m looking into a deck like this at the moment, I really need computer thigh instead of my phone…


Somebody get this man a 13" iPad Pro :triumph:


I’ll provide an address to anyone who wants to send one to me!


Have you considered using Ashtender’s Team Builder on www.ashtender.com/gems?


Off the top of my head, I’d go with:

Deep Borer
Naga Queen


why not


I’m a big fan of Sparkgrinder, and I feel like once they patch it so that your Hero actually is recognized as a construct with that weapon and Sparky giving you massive armor and attack…that would be epic!