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Dragon Team Help

Hi guys just have a question. I would like any dragon team ideas at all. (Even though FYI I don’t have Dragon Soul, Sheggra, or the new Mech Dragon)

I would start with the new troops of Dragon’s Claw Kingdom. Dragonmoth and Dragotaur are good choices because they both can act as mana fillers, the first destroys the gems on a column and the second have a chance to explode gems while doing some damage. They both are green and this fact benefits Dragonmoth that gets one extra magic from green allies on the team. Dragonette is ok too, and also green, but you must choose some dragon to be in the first spot. If you have Visk fully traited he is ok because of Stone Skin absorbing a goo portion of the damage.

Well, before using traistones to assemble a team you should wait for more suggestions, but if anything try out these four troops if you have them all.

Here’s a couple quick ideas: http://ashtender.com/gems/teams/6235.18,6129.19,6233.16,6234.17
(Requires Bone Dragon)
= Skull damage intensive with good board control.

Or an alternative option: http://ashtender.com/gems/teams/6235.18,6112.19,6232.16,6091.18
(Requires Celestasia)
= Self-sustaining with more focus on magic damage.

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