My Dragon Team Help


I want to make a dragon team. You can find below my dragon troops.

Waiting for your lists;

Drake Rider
Baby Dragon
Dragon Eggs
Dragonian Rogue


One of my earliest teams for my low level account was:

Dragon Eggs (or celestasia)
Dragonian Rogue
Baby Dragon (Visk is just barely better if you want to retain the kingdom bonus, Emperina for buffing, though any red works, and I later transitioned into Wight)

Dragon Eggs has a base zero attack, but decent defensive stats and with a full Dragon’s Claw/Dragon bonuses will start with 5 attack (more if you have some kingdom bonuses). Dragotaur buffs the entire team’s armor and attack, so you’ll want to start off with mana over skulls. Try to get up Dragotaur as quickly as possible, and if you can’t, Dragonian Rogue. Your aim is to cast these two as much as possible with little delay in between as you can. Take skulls over mana for one of these two only if they will kill or if they are a threat to you. I’ve found the dragon eggs configuration in the front much easier to play with than putting them in the back, even though they are a summoner, due to the popularity of some back hitting troops. Putting Baby Dragon up front was all too often having me transform so he could block another couple of hits, only to transform into something that mana blocks my entire team. It is nice when you get The Dragon Soul, though. With these setup the back troop I also left a few levels lower to bait single target damage - if it dies, you can replace it with a baby dragon if you want. Celestasia at max level is probably going to be more effective up front than some dragon eggs, though it does block blue from Rogue and you’ll get less starting bonuses, she is sure to still have higher base stats unless you have a lot of ascensions on the eggs. Same with Emperina in the back slot, though this might slow the team down overall, you’ll have a very powerful buffing game, you just have to make sure you protect your Rogue (give them stealthy if you can).

For a banner you want at least +1 on green or brown, and/or +1 on blue. You want to avoid matching purples as long as possible (unless you are blocking your opponent) in leiu of blowing them up with Dragonian Rogue for extra damage. Cycle through Dragotaur and Rogue as much as possible, ignore the others unless their is no better move. I eventually went with Kraken’s Banner, though Zaejin and even Broken banner also work.

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Thanks for your reply.

Can I competitive with this team in 3500-4000 rating in PVP?

The team you are fighting matters a lot more than your score differential. Dragotaur has ridiculous buffing potential if you can get it rolling, but any true damage troops that can one-shot you will be a threat. Beyond that, it is not uncommon for your lineup to be able to one-shot with skulls if they ever manage to even get through your first troop. You don’t really need any traits, either, but having a bond or two and maybe stealthy on the rogue helps (arcane does too, but you might want to save those stones). A rating of about 3500 could also signify someone with a ton of bonuses but no traits, or a few traits and a few or no bonuses. Generally, though, I’d have no problem taking out a 4k-5k team with my Eggs/Dragotaur/D. Rogue/Wight variant, with the team itself being a 3700 score with the eggs and rogue both at level 6 and the other 2 being level 15, having bond traits unlocked and Wight fully traited (wight is just there for early soul gen for me). I don’t remember when I last used the Baby Dragon variant before that, but it was generally just as effective as the main core of the team is the dragotaur and rogue. Even if your eggs happens to die from skulls, that usually means the rest of your team is buff enough to one-shot, and usually you are easily taking out squishy targets with the rogue attacking from the rear lines up.

Thanks for your reply and team.

I checked your team all troops level 1 and my team rating is 1107. Team was excellent. I won 2308 rating team few minutes ago.

Should I change 4th slot Baby dragon with Wight or any dragon? I don’t see any benefit.

Dragotaur and D.Rogue is more powerful. If I change first slot as Celestasia or Visk (for Stoneskin), team is better or not?

Which slot should I fill first?


Baby Dragon in back slot is fine for now. Visk’s damage output is generally awful for the amount of mana he costs, but his base stats are higher. However, most of the time you wont cast or even try for mana on whatever is in this slot anyways, which is why I say Visk and Baby Dragon are pretty much interchangable here. Baby Dragon can occasionally get you a much better troop by transforming, but generally just gets off the one tiny bit of damage before becoming something that isn’t red, making him a useless back tank again since every other color is mana blocked.

I was using Wight because Wight does true damage, gains life, generates purple (which the rogue can hit for more damage), generates souls, and still covers red. His traits and spell are also perfect for surviving alongside the rest of the dragons since he doesn’t get buffed, and he has a Water Link to fuel Rogue faster and maybe even getting himself mana. Using 3 dragon/dragon claw troops will significantly lower your collective bonus over using a 4/4 team, but Wight is actually worth casting if you happen to get mana on him (which usually happens once or twice).

I don’t think Celestasia really improves the team much since she blocks Rogue from taking blue, but if you get to the point where she fills incidentally you can use her to buff the life and increase your surviability. Mainly I was thinking her only because of her higher base stats (because she is a legendary), and higher base max level (because she is a legendary), which can add up. I prefer eggs because it gives more team bonuses, doesn’t block mana. She will also slightly lower your collective bonus, because you’ll have one less dragon’s claw troop in the team, so you’ll have four dragons and three dragon’s claw troops. Same with using Emperina in the back slot.

Overall, I prefer eggs/dragotaur/d.rogue/Wight, after I leveled my magic bonus kingdoms to 10, for the reasons stated above. Super early, though, the bonus from either using Visk or Baby Dragon outweighed that, so until then, you might want to stick with one of them. I don’t think Wight is worth using unless you can get about 8-10 souls per cast out of him, really (which should also be enough to one-shot the weakest troop on several early PvP battles). Before then, stick with Baby Dragon.

You don’t need many levels on eggs, just enough to stall out early skull hits and get your team going. With Dragotaur and Rogue, you just need enough levels to survive, then mainly magic, which Drago gets at level 10 and 15, and rogue gets at 5, 10, 15, and 17, although most of rogue’s damage coming from the boost ratio from destroyed purples. Baby Dragon (and Visk) are fillers, you can avoid leveling them much if at all (mine was 5 when I dropped them, my eggs are still level 6, which is high enough to take a skull hit, which is all I need). I unlocked all the “bond” traits on the first trio just for survival purposes when I could as well (baby d./visk don’t need any traits for this team).

If/when you use Wight, you’ll want him at least as high level as the others as he can generate souls which you can use to level the others - though again, this is less important before you finish leveling your magic kingdoms so you can get an actually usable amount of souls per cast. Water link is also great, but every one of his traits is useful, if you can afford them.

Do you have Giant Spider? And Dimetraxia (from completing Darkstone quest line)? If so, how about:

Giant spider
Drake rider

Magic link on GS and Venbarak will help. You can run either double purple banner or frozen banner. Essentially giant spider fills venbarak and drake rider, with venbarak doing most of the damage. Drake rider can fill dimetraxia for more damage and potential burns, and if dimetraxia dies then GS summons a pawn to soak up skull damage