Dragon summon team

Heres a dragon summon team that you can use for the event currency. The main team is krystenax dragon egg and dragon soul. Then place a weak troop that doesn’t use red purple or yellow in front as death fodder, so you can summon. I switched my lead to dragotaur later on. Blocking green doesn’t matter and he can summon a dragon on death. You also get +5 glory for having an all dragon team.

Strategy: Fill dragon soul as fast as possible. Cast dragon soulto give your egg mana, and wait untill your lead dies. Then repeat the loop, and try not to kill their team unless you have to. Krystarnax is a back up if the board won’t give you the mana you need, or if your about to lose.

This event is pretty fun, summoning a bunch of random troops adds variety to the game. They to make more troops/events like these. Summoning random stuff is enjoyable and it makes the early game for new players more enjoyable too. They can summon and play with a bunch of troops they don’t own yet.


When this event was on PC/Mobile I used:

Anything (something with air/stone/magic link or empowered can help, like soothsayer, or whatever gives a weekly bonus for including in your team)

You can go just cycle the main three, getting a summon out for sacrifice to kill again, or sacrifice out sacrifice in a pinch. Flows nicely and you don’t have to sit on a match and wait for things to die.

Nice setup and thanks for sharing.

I kept my farm team lean, so I took 2 troops into PvP:
Dragon Egg

Start casting and rock and roll. Collect the Event Stones.

The challenge this week was done nice and quickly. Just a simple team of Dragon Egg x2 & sacrifice. Mana fill dragon egg, cast into baby dragon, cast baby dragon into a random dragon, sacrifice troop then repeat :slight_smile:

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Yes Marc, really quick and I didn’t even transform the baby dragon. I sacrificed it, casting sacrifice on yellow to fill up the eggs again. Once I got going I did it in an hour. Even after sacrificing sacrifice a couple of times by mistake! Lol

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Right now I’m using this set-up:

Baby Dragon (2x)
Dragon Eggs
Dragon Soul

Soul occasionally refills mana for everyone and Dragon eggs is there to summon baby dragons when one of my troops died, having a baby dragon transform into another dragon also counted as summoning.

See the other thread. Eggs, eggs, sacrifice and a blank spot. Fill eggs and sacrifice. Cast eggs, cast sacrifice on yellow. Rinse and repeat. An hour tops

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I was just trying to get through some PVP last night using a dragon team and had an enemy Dragon Soul resurrect so many times (5 in one match) that I ended up summoning 7 times with Krystenax just to get enough meat shield Drakons to survive the match. That was not the intended use of my team, but hey, bonus event points! At this rate, I won’t even need to farm the event.

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You are lucky that this works. On the PC version, it’s bugged, and summons don’t work if you started battle with fewer than four troops. Which makes the summoning Snotstones event awful to do.

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This is our first summoning event and I was wondering if it would be fixed on console. I’m glad it has been.

2 Troops works great! I usually get 4-5 Event Stones with each win, without unnecessary delaying the battle. I don’t know if it was “patched” on console or is due to running on Unity…

Are you trying to win? and if so, what kind of teams are you beating with that lineup?

Yes I was, and I won every single battle but one. I did mostly 1 - 2 Trophies battles against what ever,
lots of Dragon teams of course. Only lost 1 battle: filled Dragon Egg to 7/10 with a Yellow 3-match on my first turn, never got a second turn. The AI just looped until it was over, I suppose it wouldn’t have mattered what I Invaded with.

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Since the bonus for glory is 4 dragons I’m taking it slow,
Baby dragon
The dragon soul
Has won all but 8 matches that were 3 trophy teams, I’m like the randomness of the first troop each match, tougher fights test krystenax’s durability, most so far was 7 silver drakon, very fun. Since we only need 100, no rush.