Dracos 1337 disintegrate working as intended?

Generally when I see more than one status effect on a move I expect the save on those effects to roll separately. But the silence and stun always without fail expires at the same time when disintegrate is cast.

It replicates without fail regardless of circumstance.

If it was supposed to work this way then great, I’m fine with that but part of the attraction to that troop in spite of the slot machine mechanic of the instakill is disabling both traits and mana gathering. If both effects wear off at once always it makes the troop less effective and rather inconsistently at that.

No video or screencap, just test it out, it happens every time.

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I’m not sure I read this correctly. You are saying that whenever Dracos uses the Disintegrate spell to apply Silence and Stun to a target, both status effects always expire the same turn? Sounds pretty odd, given that status effects can be refreshed independently. Have you checked that it might not actually be any source of Silence expiring that is incorrectly also removing Stun (or the other way around)?

Status effects appear to have a single roll for removal of all of them (except Poison, obviously.) Whenever a new status effect is applied, or an existing one is refreshed, the cleanse chance is reset.

I’ve never seen status effects auto-cleanse one at a time.

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This has been my experience as well.

No cleanse effect cast, it always drops both effects at the same time. I have no way to address the second half of your question as I cannot think of a way to remove silence without cleanse or natural expiry.

As for others who have commented in this space I have seen other effects that were applied at the same time time drop off one at a time. The Dragonette’s debuffs are an example of this. Seems strange to not roll them separately as that would make more sense, but I will have to pay closer attention. There are many status effects in this game now and seems high time to have a more elegant system to work them. That would be more of a balance issue than a bug though.

Mostly I’m just asking if this is intentionally how it works or a glitch.