Status Effects should hold for at least 2 turns

Hi everyone :grinning: I’m new to the forums, but I decided to start a new topic cuz there’s a flaw in the the game that bugs me, and I feel is just ruining the overall balance. I’m talking about Status Effects being sometimes dispelled immediately after switching sides, therefore practically having no effect at all. It happens quite often and I’m sure you experienced it a lot as well.
What I propose is to have all Status Effects hold for 2 turns minimum, during which the only way to remove them would be by cleansing. After this grace period, the chance for them to dispel would start at 20% or 30% and increase by 10% each turn like it does now, so the overall % chance to shake them off would be the same after passing 2 turns.
The logic behind this is that it takes a minimum of 2 turns (under normal circumstances at least) for a troop to collect mana for casting a spell that causes a Status Effect, and a lot of those spells do nothing besides. Thus in some battles, troops causing Status Effects can prove to be literally useless due to the current state, including the legendary Silent One. If you also consider, that troops shake off all Status Effects at once (which itself is a good thing), this becomes even more relevant.
If you agree with my reasoning, please back me up, so maybe the devs would consider addressing this issue. If you think my logic is flawed, feel free to point it out :nerd_face:
Thank you for your attention and sorry for the absurdly long post :sweat:

Thanks for taking the time to write.

I disagree with this idea. I agree that many status effects don’t have as much effect as they might - but making them stick around longer isn’t the solution.


I don’t propose for them to stick around for longer, I want them to stick around at all. Eg, if you entangle someone, or they entangle you, and the effect wears off the moment the turn switches sides, than the total number of turns a troop is entangled is literally 0. What’s the point in casting the entangling spell in the first place? What’s the strategic purpose of entanglement in general, if it there’s a chance it won’t work at all?

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This has never been my experience. If a status effect was applied by either the player or the AI, it will not cleanse automatically on the opposing team’s subsequent turn.


At times it does. When you cast a spell you end your turn and the AI starts it’s turn, so technically a turn has passed, but in reality you just wasted yours.

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Right, after you cast your spell the AI gets a turn. On that turn, any status effects you just applied will not wear off (provided they were successfully applied in the first place).

you obviously havent had to fight a team that puts deathmark on you constantly (wraith, death, and others). try playing the game a little more before you try to suggest making status effects minimum 2 turns. the only people that may agree with you would be the devs and we dont want them to get any ideas about doing this

Why are you so insulting? If you can’t deal with death mark, it means you’re not preparing for battle properly. Besides, after the recent update, death mark will not kill you in turn 1.

for one i cant even play the game ever since the unity patch(way to go devs), also i doubt they made a 1 turn wait limit on death mark being that it wasnt listed and the patch notes forum. not to mention that the devs themselves even said they would never implement this due to adding deathmark over and over (i.e. wraith skull damage) the troop would never be able to die from deathmark

Ok, you may be right, that the effect won’t dispel at first switch, but it can after the turn goes back to you. Let’s try an example: I cast stun on the first enemy to disable stoneskin, the AI gets a turn and collects mana while being stunned, the turn goes back to me, but a whole turn has elapsed (me - AI - me), so the stun can wear off when the turn goes back to me, thus the AI gets its stoneskin back and the stun has literally no effect (being active on the AI turn only, the total number of turns I could benefit from applying stun was 0).

Effects on enemy troops never wear off at any point in your turn, including the start. Only allies will auto-cleanse on your turn.


the ai’s stun would not wear off when it becomes your turn , it only has a chance to remove stun when it becomes their turn

you stun - their turn(chance to un-stun) - your turn.

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So I was right the first time, which makes my point valid - status effects can in fact wear off at once, thus having no real impact.

@Lyya is right

Status effects have a 10% cumulative chance to clear, with a one turn delay. The roll is at the start of the turn of the player whose troop has the effect.

There’s a standard geometric decay to this. Roughly effects stick around 3-5 turns.

Yes, close, except that it’s actually:

  1. Your turn (stun)
  2. Their turn (stun cannot wear off without explicit Cleansing)
  3. Your turn (they are still stunned)
  4. Their turn (Stun now has a 10% chance to auto-cleanse)


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AND I QUOTE “the stun can wear off when the turn goes back to me” talking about the ai this makes you wrong

that’s why I said “the first time” meaning in my OP, you quote my reply that you yourself corrected

where did you get this “can’t wear off on 1st turn” rule from anyway? It happens all the time, especially if you apply an effect to the entire team. BTW, I should point out that my experience is strictly from the PS4 version.

I see. Perhaps it’s different on PS4. On PC/Mobile I have never seen that happen.

Maybe they differ in that regard. Although I was convinced, that after the recent update they are basically the same as far as game mechanics go. Maybe they’re not.