Draco's Disintegrate

So I was testing him and either the skill isn’t working or it needs to be renamed.

Right now it says silence, stun, and drain X Mana from an enemy, with a 25% chance to destroy them.
My understanding of that is if say it’s level one so it drains 7 Mana. So if the toop had 10 Mana you would drain 7 mana from it and the other three Mana that is left over would be silenced because since there are commas there it’s happening at the same time.
It doesn’t say silence and stun the Troop and if it is not silenced drain Mana. Because then it is a silencing and stunning the troops first and then draining them.

I say this because I tested it out. It doesn’t matter if the troop had zero Mana or 5 Mana, no Mana was drained unless my definition of drain is in what this game uses which is Draco would get 5 Mana up to a maximum of seven Mana at level one

Think what you’re talking about is steal mana, drain mana will just reduce enemy mana but draco wont get the mana drained for himself.

Ooooh true. So if they are not silence then their Mana will still go down is what you are saying. Gocha. Thanks

Think their mana will go down even if silenced, silence dont erase your mana, if a troop rdy to cast get silenced (and nothing else happen meanwhile) when the silence go away is still rdy to cast.

So let’s say you cast him on a troop that got 10 mana, it get silenced and when the silence go away that troop will be down to 3 mana.

Oh lol…ok then. I completely didn’t know what Sirens did then. That makes perfect sense thank you.