Donating personal resources to guild

I would like a feature that allows at least high level players to donate extra resources like souls to their guild. When all of your troops are max level, souls stack up way faster than the other resources you need to work with them, I am a guild leader with 8 million souls that I can’t use and I would love to spread them around to my guild mates who are struggling. I already earned the souls, it would be nice to be able to gift them.

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This have been asked multiple time and there is probably no way it will be implement.


Yeah, currently the only gift you can craft is the Guildmate Gift but it REALLY isn’t worth the cost of crafting.

I don’t disagree with a resource sink being “inefficient”, but crafting one requires extremely rare materials (Celestial stones and Cursed Runes) and what does the recipient get for your trouble? A small handful of Gems that they could just as easily farm with the daily Adventure Board.

I also don’t disagree with the social value of actually gifting someone with it, but I am on a not exactly “active” guild so I cannot speak from any experience here.

After I crafted the Mythic troop from the forge, only thing I’m using cursed runes on is the gifts. I know they are mostly just air, but it comes with a thought “guild admin send me gifts, great to know all this time and effort is noted”. Or at least I hope it works that way when we gift someone for good deeds. So I’m actually saving a lot of money these days not having to buy those guild gift packages… (Now they will most likely banish the cursed gnomes from my Krystara) :upside_down_face:

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They won’t implement it, cause resources starvation spurge spur people to buy them for money.
The business model is to pull in new players, give enough to middle game players to keep pushing and inspire new players, and when they reach end game and they have milked them dry make them leave.

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Uwah, sad but very realistic. I wish they would try to balance it with their sales model through the method they introduce it as, for example requiring people to meet the required guild donations to be eligible to earn souls and putting a limit on the amount of souls that can be donated per week and player. If you are only giving out a few thousand per player then it doesn’t unbalance the bottleneck, it only eases it to reduce frustration and increase affection and interaction between players, it could also greatly help stimulate the guild’s environment.

I want to be able to reward members who have contributed, inspire other members to donate SOMETHING >_>, and give members a little perk to their day that they got to level these troops and can now experiment with them.

Alternatively, it would be useful if Souls could be used to pay for guild tasks because… getting people who actually contribute is something I’ve been struggling with for six years… I don’t mind doing it alone if it could even be made possible.

I’ve said this many times in guild, when I see people with 1-2 million gold and would love to give them a boost. However, we need souls for Elite Level troops at endgame. I have just north of 58 million. I have still not got enough, but not far away now.

I’d love to give others stuff - but I wouldn’t donate 1 soul.

I’d give everyone glory or gold or ingots or diamonds or chaos shards or traitstones or treasure maps or verses though…hell everyone can have 5 minor blue orbs. :grinning:

I do the same, but barely get any gifts in return. And it makes me sad from time to time, but I am used to it.

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