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How about a Guild Tithing feature?

Now that gold has become a much more valuable resource I can see the very real possibility of guild contributions decreasing significantly while players concentrate on the new kingdom leveling system. Why don’t you design a “Tithe” feature for Guilds where members will have a percentage of gold automatically given to their guild whenever gold is earned?
The Guildmaster could set the rate (default 10% of earnings perhaps) and as guild members play and earn money their percentage of the profits is put into a Tithe Fund. Higher ranked members (default Commander and above) can use that gold to pay for tasks. As always, members can add above and beyond to the guild and use their own extra gold towards the Tasks they wish.
I can see this being a great Guild Solution now that players will want to use more gold for themselves now. I can even see different guilds setting different Tithe rates: so you want to join my top-ten guild? Everyone needs to fork over 40% for the privilege!


You know, in the new GoW, I think this is a good idea. The tithe is what it costs you to get the mastery benefits of being in a guild. Set it too high and people will leave and recruitment will be impossible. Set it low or zero if you prefer unequal-but-self-initiated donations.

Sounds too much like the government for me… Forced donation… Taxes…

I think it’s up to your guild to set their rules and enforce them, not the game.

@MrSammy Some people would like it, some wouldn’t – and they’d sort themselves into guilds accordingly. More player choice is a good thing.

As a guild leader, I can say: Ain’t nobody got time for that.

I spend enough time kicking people for going afk, let alone trying to enforce a contribution limit. This would still give control to the guild leadership in setting the rates, and make enforcement easier. It would also make the wealth distribution among the members more even, since someone can’t join only to claim the rewards and not contribute to the tasks.

However, there needs to be a hierarchy to what tasks get the gold first. I would hate if any of the gold went to the soul tasks.

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Well that’s why members could still choose where the gold goes, but only rank 2 and 1 members would have control over it’s course.

I’ll be honest, this whole idea sounds both greedy, and a perfect counter. It’s a near necessity for upcoming guilds, and it’s not like the guild leader would be exempt from the Guilds Safe.

Could it be seen as greedy to enforce such a rule? Sure, but at the same time, the ability to choose HOW much is taken is can not only be rather low, but completely non-existent should the leader feel so generous.

I both happily & sadly agree this should be a feature.

As a guild leader, I approve of this.

Although I would be much happier with the option of picking what Tasks get the donation.
I know some of my guild members are non-English speakers, and they simply do not understand what “Avoid Soul Tasks” means :sweat:

It would be great if the high ranked have more authority in setting the flow of Task assignment.

Tithes go to the “guild bank”. Ranks 1 and 2 can allocate the guild bank to a task. If that doesn’t complete the task, incoming tithes continue to go to that task until it completes.

Or for a greater level of automation (but more UI for the devs to create), give ranks 1 and 2 a screen that shows all task types, checkboxes to indicate which tasks will ever get tithes, and drag-sorting to indicate priority within the checked tasks. That way incoming tithes will always be allocated. (This still needs a “guild bank” to hold tithes when none of the current tasks qualify.)

I love this idea. It would completely resolve my biggest gripe with the update. We completed one take today, down from a usual 5 - 10 on a weekday.

I really like the idea. I am not the guild leader but I see the struggle with the task comletition now. I do not expect to be better in near future as many players “must” level their kingdoms now.
Before the patch it was just nice to have all kingdom maxed because it influenced real battles a little and the real reason was the tribute.
Right now, it is really challanging to fight players with all kingdoms or majority of them maxed.

Why not make tithe gold an additional pool like the mastery tokens? Tithe sits in the guild bank until player with high enough rank spends it on a task. Guild members could still directly spend additional gold on any task they feel like contributing to.

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I think this is an excellent idea… players who find it too ‘government-like’ can join guilds that don’t do it… but overall it would create fairness I think… less impact from slackers hanging on in the higher guilds and not contributing…

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As a Guild Leader, I agree with the a Tithe system. As it stands now, we ask that people contribute fairly, but fairly has different meanings for different people when there is no fixed mandatory contribution requirement. A handful of us are carrying the remainder of the guild who contribute poorly. Implementation of a tithe system that is manageable by the guild leaders would be good.

This tithe system should also be able to be able to be adjusted, based upon level, to set a higher rate for those who earn more. Lower level personnel who earn less.

Implementation of online table would be good for guild management also. Without an in game tool, to keep track of weekly contributions is a task. Online table accessible by Guild Leaders would make this easier to import this information in tabular format to monitor members contributions.

If anything the tithe feature souls be able to be set by the individual players. I also support this idea, I would totally set my tithe to like 50% or something!

Why not have tithing be under guild mates control? This way they can control whether they wish to contribute and set it accordingly. The guild master can choose where the tithe pool goes.

Just throwing a evolution of this idea out there…

How about if different ranks could have different tithes set (and potentially give different benefits)?

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Thats a nono for me. I like the taxes idea but… Setting different amounts not so much. I believe on everyone progressing together. :slight_smile:

Disagree - I think it should be set by the Guild leader.

Like this.

hmm i would like to hear you elaborate a way that that might work cause it seems interesting to me that you would think of that. It is essentially taxes with tax brackets just like in real life in USA taxes. The benefits could be like tax credits which also seems appealing to this idea. The leader of the guild would be like the monarch who decides where the taxes go but what could be offered as benefits?

Hmm tithing for higher tiers is higher, but rewards are increased by a % also? Interesting…but then it’s solely up to the guild leader and puts a lot of power in their hands.