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Does skull damage score higher?

Noticing a trend where skull damage seems to score higher than spell damage. Anyone have any info on this?

It really depends on your team. Some teams are geared towards higher attack and skull generation. Others are magic damage teams more geared towards mana generation and casting.

Yes, today is yellow day. I used Divinia / Infernus / Dawnbringer / Ishbaala. Barely even took any damage and scored 9,554. Guildmate used Wrath / Ishbaala / Forest Guardian / Dawnbringer and scored 9,606 even after losing a troop.

That would be a specific example, but this seems to be a trend we have noticed. Skulls just seem to score higher, assuming actions, mana, total damage are all similar.

Edit: someone asked for an example but I can’t see that post anymore.

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Maybe. Could be. Beats me, I dunno. The one “competitive” mode in this slot machine game and it doesn’t even have clear scoring rules.

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I’m pretty sure it was previously said by a dev that damage counts point for point and it’s not differentiated. Sorry I don’t have the source on that. It just doesn’t line up with what we see.

Maybe because your guildmate won faster than you? Its possible to skull wipe the whole enemy team with 1 or 2 casts