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Question about GW and Dawnbringer related to score points

So it s red day, my team is Ragnagord/Marilith/DB/Infernus. Long story short, I took 0 damage due to DB in all 5 matches, of course I didnt lost any troop in the way and on top of that I got relatively easy/fast matches.
One would say “Cool, I will get like 9.3k points right?” Well I got this instead:

So can anyone tell me what I did wrong? I mean I do damage most of my turns, I get a ton of mana most of my turns, I remain untouched for all 5 matches and still get that lousy score?

My guess is that DB doesn`t work as it should in GW and if you take a ton of damage like Lord Ironbeard, Lady Ironbeard and others do even if you have barrier stills counts wich is BS for me.

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Did you play the matches standing up or sitting down?


So that`s the trick huh? :joy:

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Barrier blocks damage properly, if you don’t get hit then you’re fine.

GW does count the number of actions you take - not just the number of turns. So if you spend too long in an endless loop like Green Seer + Giant Spider, for instance, or simply matching lots of 4- and 5-matches on the board, your points will decrease.

Otherwise, you might’ve just taken too long to get the right matches. *shrug*

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Everyone tends to give GW scoring advice with the assumption that the system isn’t bugged at all.
I choose to assume the opposite having played the game too long not to be cynical about it.
Good luck finding an explanation that makes sense. And next time… Try doing your matches standing up while facing the South.


I would say next week same color same team same results different score. Hope this helps!


The algorithm is somewhat known, but you don’t get a screen that shows the actions you took. So as far as I’m concerned it’s a random number.

Most of these threads would disappear if you got a cool post-combat score breakdown that told you you did NaN damage and took Damage_string_English every Tuesday.


I wonder if I play with mt left hand I could get more points though :thinking:

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That would depend if you have a ring on it.

Did you use the Marilith a lot? True damage ends up doing less total damage since you don’t destroy armor

  1. Merilith is hurting your score every time you cast it. So for starters replace that troop or never use Sword Dance in Guild Wars.

  2. I’m 100% certain there are bugs in the scoring system. A massive number of bugs found in Gems seem to be caught by players and posted in the forum. However without in-game feedback/detailed knowledge of the scoring system it is impossible to point them out to the developers. So they will forever remain hidden.


I use true damage a lot on blue days with Khorvash and my score is fine on those days, only casted Marilith a couple of times in each match to fill Ragnagord, the true damage she does is useless in bracket 3.

If you haven’t killed any troops with true dmg it shouldn’t matter. It would mean you still destroyed the armor with Infernus/DB/skulls. If that was the case it really looks like something is bugged. Or it’s just that each use of true dmg troop is penalized…

We still don’t know if the damage done by the AI is taken into account or not for the bonus…

Why? I don’t think she’s there to kill troops (6 true damage).

Same story for me. Perfect 5 wins. Fast battles. 9300 points… when last week I did 9500 with the same team…

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Last week you faced North. This week you faced South when you did your matches. Duh. :grin:

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My guess is that damage made by the CPU is taken into account even with barrier, if not then I got ripped off of at least 300 points, because the matches where really fast and took a lot more mana that the AI with enough explosions ( not spamming Ragnagord ).

In fact, not only on the Red day, I did a so-so score compared to last week with the same teams.

So my guess is that devs are tuning the scoring for the next patch.

I’ve had lower scores resulting from times I basically dueled exploders and won. Which is to say I got hit by Infernus a couple times but wiped them without actually losing any troops.

I’ve also had lower scores from seemingly fast matches where Lord Ironbeard took a troop down to 10 life or so.

Matches where I’ve had barriers and blocked a thing or two, conversely, seem to be unhindered in the score department.

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Highly doubtful. You’re going to have different scores with the same team every time you play. It amazes me so many people forget they’re trying to simplify in their own mind a bunch of variables that were specifically created to prevent any battle or score from being played the same way twice.

You aren’t going to have 2 GW days where you give/receive the same damage, gather the same mana & take the same number of moves. It’s nearly impossible and your score is going to be different because of it.

Not 1 person who has claimed they can’t understand why they scored the way they did differently than another similar (yet still different) match has actually counted every point of damage they dealt and the ai dealt, how many total moves they took and how many points of mana they and the ai collected. That’s what you would need to do and do so very accurately in order to compare 2 matches.

It’s very easy to “feel” that you dealt “a lot” more damage than the ai but the fact is for every 10 damage the ai does to you, you have to do 40 in return to get the max bonus. You only do 39 to their 10 or they do 11 to your 40 and you no longer score full bonus. Same goes with mana. And depending on whether it’s a soldier battle or a paragon battle the bonus is multiplied against a different base value (yet another variable to track).

Simply put (even though I quoted your post @turintuor I’m not directing this specifically at you) quit complaining the system is clearly bugged because you can’t duplicate scores from one match to the next unless you’re going to take the time & effort to count & log all of the applicable variables to show that in fact 2 matches were truly identical or close enough to identical to even compare the scores earned. Just because one perceives or feels they should have gotten the same ore similar score doesn’t make it a reliable or valid feeling or perception until you throw down the proof.

Human perceptions are skewed by a lot of things, especially when trying to track & compare 8 different variables (damage dealt, damage taken, mana gained, ai mana gained, moves made, #troops of color, # troops lost, opponent rank base points) in which many are in contradiction to each other and there’s a whole lot of flashes & moving things going on.