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Skull Damage vs Magic Damage

The devs won’t answer this question. So it’s up to the community to figure out for ourselves. But we’ve pretty much figured out that the overall GW Score per battle is separate categories.

  • Amount of moves
  • Amount of Mana collected
  • And Damage (of which we assume is total damage)

After my matches tonight where I did little to no skull damage. I’m beginning to wonder if damage is split into two categories. So it’d be:

  • Amount of moves
  • Amount of Mana collected
  • Skull Damage
  • Magic Damage

Here are my GW Scores Per match. To make my data more consistent I used the exact same team tonight in all 5 matches.


I would love to show you the Armor/Life of every troop from every match. But off that little corner of the troop photo. At least one person will figure out each of my troops. So forgive me if I don’t give up the team that easily beat the best GW Guild (PC/Mobile) in 5 matches. Y’all will just have to trust me. That the only troop that took damage was my first one. And it was all skull damage. Because… You know…RFG and all.

Otherwise they were all quick matches. I didn’t devour, death mark, true damage, or lethal any troops.
If the AI did collect enough Mana to cast it only for it maybe 3 times? 2 were Mana Generators. And the last died before it could cast.

It’s all just very weird and confusing like it looks like I did really well against the Vanguard. But only scored 33 more points against the Herald. But how can that be when really the only difference was I had more skull damage done to me in the third match.

One obvious difference is that the teams you fought had different base scores, health, attack, statue bonuses, etc. Beating a harder team would net you more points, regardless of rank. Makes sense to me.

Can we collect data where several members of a team defeat the SAME team? That would be useful. If they could use the same value team against the same opponent - that would be the best!

You have to divide each score by the base amount of points (250/275/300/325/350) to get the bonus. And of course remove the 2k points for the first battle.
I did it for you :wink: :

  • 4.90
  • 5.10
  • 4.79
  • 4.86
  • 4.78

Not sure about that. If the team is tougher, you will have more chance to maximize your damage bonus, but this bonus is capped. So if he took low damage, he should have maximized his damage bonus.


No, and yes I realize the overall score progression and how it works.
The question is… Is skull damage different than Magic Damage. Let’s try to focus on the actual topic here.

Oh and the 5th match had a troop that destroyed it’s self. But even then. I didn’t lose a troop so taking out 3 troops is a lot more damage to the AI than to me.

There are really Paragon putting Bombot in their defense team? :stuck_out_tongue:

If you look at the bonus in my previous post, the outlier is the 2nd battle: you do better than on the other ones. Do you remember this battle?

Just rewatched it the AI didn’t do any damage to my troops in the second match. Third match it did 103 skull damage only. Mana Generator casted once but didn’t land a combo.
Wasn’t a Bombot. It was a Fire Bomb. Which is genius if it means I can’t score high enough damage points. Of which they may have been right.

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From what you presented, it can’t really be determined if there is a split in skull and magic damage, but I’m leaning towards no: damage of any kind is the same in damage ratio.

You had a really good 2nd round. 3rd round was poor(er), but from what you stated, they did 103 damage compared to what I’d imagine is about 480ish damage to them. You got dinged a bit for damage ratio.

Factor in moves made, mana collected, not knowing your team comp’s capabilities for clearing, the enemies troops etc. Everything seems to check out more or less.

On red days for a paragon battle, I can hit about 1792 points on a really fast run, so I’d imagine you got hit a bit on your Paragon battle a bit as well.

1792, eh? :thinking:
Tell you what. Depending on what platform you play on, and what guild you’re in.

I’ll tell you my team from today was if you tell me your 1792 team. In a DM of course. :grin:

Since mana gained and number of turns(which ironically makes strategic control teams bad for scoring) are major factors, your score is basically random anyways depending on board states and cascade flow.
So aside from winning and not losing troops just don’t bother with details.

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v Skulls vs Mana GW post I have done so many experiments with GW and have had members use same teams for fun… However( KISS) I have been taking skulls as of late and… my pts are higher.

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v Skulls vs Mana GW post I have done so many experiments with GW and have had members use same teams for fun… However( KISS) I have been taking skulls as of late and… my pts are higher.

Well, getting skulls is just 1 turn, while collecting mana and then spending a turn casting a spell is 2 turns minimum. So I suspect skulls would generally be more efficient, when you can get them. Generally.

since I don’t play on the same platform as you, sure why not.