Question: Skull reflect damage?

I play PvP with Gorgotha, Glaycion, Apothecary and King Bloodhammer.
This team obviously focusses on doing skull damage

However sometimes some of my own units suffer from damage when my team is doing skull damage.
The damage picks a single random unit (not only the top one).
Most of the time this is an instant kill.
This happens often when playing against a summoned bandit or Lust

Anyone familiar with this?

If there is a Lust (or more than one) isnt damage reflected from skull damage but is that when you kill a enemy troop 1 (or more) of your troop get charmed, that mean they will deal their attack as damage to an adiacent troop, 1 charm each Lust present.

Ah super, that explains the Lust part.
I will check if there is a Lust present when I kill summoned bandits.