Does anyone enjoy the game more following 4.7?

I mean, come on…more gold needed but less available unless you grind ONE TEAM in explore. Delve gold gone, cedric rooms diminished and so on. Pets gone because we can’t afford to play pvp gold wise. Kingdoms stalled and no gold to boost the ones we rarely get the deeds to have the chance to. It’s so wrong. Money money money. Almost 800 troops and most grinders are using 3 (duplicated cedric). None ‘light finger’ classes are also stalling because of this colossal nerf. Devs explain your implementation of forced monotony and singularly dynamic play, ie cedric or nothing.


I play because I asked my wife to play a few months back and she is enjoying it. I also play because my guild is full of genuinely good people.

I don’t play however for the “fun factor” at least not anymore. Eventually I will find something else.

I will never spend another dime on this game. If that was the goal of 4.7 forward, they did a good job.


In truth, early to mid game was fun to some degree. Limited troops and stats gave creative licence. And that was cool. Now it’s empowered this and empowered that, one horrific defence after another. The lifeblood is sucked out of the game when you lose turn one by these preposterous teams. I can’t think of anything I enjoy. Potions removed skill but at least I had enough power orbs to get zuul before I was priced out of LB contention. 9 million is common for a power orb now. Why don’t players step back, take a look and realise what’s happening?



Why don’t people who have a tendency for addiction just avoid casinos? Because it’s a business designed to exploit their psychological weaknesses. The defense is often, “It’s not our fault if a person has a sickness, they should get treatment”, but I’ve also seen that it works out casinos usually make more than 50% of their income from those people.

Why don’t people leave abusive relationships? They have a weird quirk of psychology that makes them respond to abuse positively. Abusers have a quirk of psychology that make them need to behave that way. They both need treatment. They both think the other is the treatment. “Codependency” is the word for the situation.

People don’t leave because the game is engineered to appeal to bad psychology that makes them feel anxiety over leaving. This is intentional, there are books and courses and probably secret casino handbooks about writing games that appeal to these anxieties.

And due to a weird quirk of society, the people in the crowd being exploited all tend to blame each other for being “too weak” to move on. It’s never the fault of the person who set the bear trap. Only the fault of the person who was so distracted by the winning lottery ticket on the table they didn’t see the bear trap.


I’m enjoying the game just fine. I have no trouble getting gold in various modes. Seems like you haven’t found an optimal playstyle. As always, if you hate the game that much, just quit already. Players get what they put into the game. I haven’t spent a cent, I’m in a high rank guild, and about to crush some LTs next week. Life is good. #workingasintended


@Slypenslyde…great answer and bang on the money. I have had a relationship with a cluster B disordered individual and I know exactly what you’re talking about. If the non cluster B is empathic it can lead to codependence, increased abuse and a trauma bond, often referred to as Stockholm syndrome. So I know how potentially damaging this kind of “connection” can be and recognise it happening in gems, just as you do. But guess what, I left her as soon as I spotted the dangers and that’s why I am so alarmed by the recent harmful updates that prey on the insecurities of some players for financial reward. The abuse is clear and players are being financially and psychologically pressured to commit more and more to a company who want to take everything you have, even if it ‘breaks’ the more vulnerable players in the process. Its absolutely disgraceful but this situation will continue to deteriorate and the level of abuse will continue to ramp up unless players wake up and set boundaries for themselves playwise to protect what’s left of their fragile psychological make up and finances. Only by not spending (time and money) can this cycle be broken but some players are now so trauma bonded to a video game that they lack the strength to do so. So is this “game” more fun after 4.7? Absolutely not.

There are many aspects of Gems of War that I still enjoy, and I don’t even play the game. (I really only play one game mode [Treasure Hunt] for my retinal health [legally blind].)

I mean, who doesn’t like matching things for stuff… that you can then use to get more stuff?

Plus, there’s always a little something special there for me via in-game mailbox when I log in each day. :slightly_smiling_face:

And, chasing and landing that elusive Mythic never gets old. Top of my head, can’t think of a comparable sensation I’ve had whilst gaming.

All this being said, I’m sure that if I were in a guild and actually played the game, I’d find Gems of War far less enjoyable after 4.7, though. :upside_down_face:

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more gold needed but less available unless you grind ONE TEAM in explore.

What? There is nothing stopping you from using whatever team you want. You can do Difficulty 12 very fast using a variety of teams that capitalize on lethal damage or true damage. Zuul’Goth, High King Irongut, and Scorpius are instant killers, but I’ve also made incredibly successful teams using things like The Deep King and The Gray King to do massive true damage. You can take advantage of running 3x of the new guardians to gain +12 to all skills on 4+ matches then one shot enemies with Hope’s Crescent. You can run Phoenica teams that do 100+ damage to everything each cast. You can run skull spam teams that obliterate enemies with doomskulls. I have done ALL of these teams.

Delve gold gone

This is just blatantly false. I do my 3 delves every day and occasionally get 20k+ gold for doing a level 300 delve. The rewards are random.

Pets gone because we can’t afford to play pvp gold wise.

PvP gives MORE gold than Explore…

It sounds like you are just straight up not having fun playing anymore. Maybe find a different game?


You’ve quoted me then ignored what you quoted. I have at no point suggested that level 12 explore cannot be done with numerous teams. 4.7 dragged players away from pvp by nerfing pvp gold and dangling “Geoff’s carrot”. Nett result is less pvp participation, fewer pet rescues and slower Kingdom progression due to the lack of maxed pets. If you disagree that delve gold chest rewards have been nerfed then that’s your privilege. All but one of my factions has 2100 renown minimum with horde average 100. Based on how much delve ive done, my experience in terms of gold income is different and I am not going to be convinced otherwise. So…that leaves a huge gold deficit for me and that brings us to epic and legendary tasks. Epic tasks are of course the biggest gold nerf/sink thus far. Players weren’t throwing enough gold at faction horde level, were still bagging LT mythics and that was an economical “no no”. This was mainly due to the gem sink known as potions. Suddenly horde boosting was unnecessary because players would sink gems on 1 and 3 day events so they could max the faction and still hit lots of LTs. So despite the fact that potions were increasing event revenue across the board (all events) they still didn’t want to give out LTs. So we got epic tasks with rewards that hardly anyone who completes them actually needs. A colossal gold sink in a dwindling gold availability framework. And we had new kingdom levels with a boost currency of…gold. Are you getting the picture yet?

Which brings us back to “Geoffs carrot”, aka explore. Players want the carrot but they also want the gold that has been ripped from the game in general. So what options does that leave? Oh yes…gold farm double cedric team. 7k per fight which is a lot more than you will get with zuul or anyone else (and more than I get from ANY PVP fight) and it gives class boost options of the light fingered variety. Unless you’ve got time to burn and nothing else to do, then cedric is your best option timewise to hit guild reqs, boost the odd Kingdom and so on. If this doesn’t resonate with you then I don’t know how else to explain it. The players are being hammered at every turn…some players just don’t see it.