Thoughts on (Alleged) 4.7 Update

Like many long time players, I play this game because it used to be fun. Don’t get me wrong, it still is—to a point. It’s gotten to be a time consuming, grinding job, and unfortunately (for me anyway), 505 doesn’t pay my mortgage. That being said, I’ve spent quite a bit of money, and have never complained about supporting a game (or the devs) that I genuinely like.

The screen shots and excited post by @Saltypatra showing the “Epic Tasks” in 4.7 do not give a single end game player (that i know of), anything to smile about. We’ve ground out gold for tasks, souls for troops, chaos shards for delves, orbs that are hugely unbalanced, and now the thought is we should add more hours of gaming to our days to get “Epic Tasks”? Pfffffttt… LTs have already been nerfed and there has been no compensation for it—players just suck it up and kinda keep it moving. This update though, will be a guild killer. For my guild, which is certainly top 100, we do 20-50 LTs/weekly (depending on mythic week). However, If the gold required to complete tasks is doubled and it takes millions and millions more to complete, I could easily see a mass exodus from the game. Mid level guilds would lose their hard earned rewards, and It’s just not worth it. Certainly not for some pet food, chaos shards, and ingots.

@Sirrian @Saltypatra @Ozball @Kafka I beg you to reconsider this change, as it hasn’t happened and is unnecessary.


As a long time gamer, i have seen this happen before. Games are good, going strong then then some one feels the need to make it “harder” or some foolish thing. What happens is people leave. I have a full time job. I play games after that job to relax and wind down. A game should not be a second job. If it becomes as such, then it time to move on.


Well said! This change, on the surface at least, appears to be a seismic shift that is going to negatively impact 90%+ of the guilds out there. Potential killer indeed! Now, I am typically very sober minded and usually wait until everything is revealed before being a doomsayer. However, this is not concern over a subpar new Mythic troop or overpowered weapon. This change looks to have a massive impact on the very core of the game. I sincerely hope the devs take another look at this as you suggested.


I would love to know how some Chaos Shards or Pet Food is going to help me chase a new release Legendary troop the way Event keys do.

All I’m seeing from this update is the publisher deciding to stamp out another “ungated resource gain” (LTs) for the sake of “ThE eCoNoMy!!!1!!1!”

The worst part in my opinion is the fact that since we’re actually seeing an announcement, the mechanics of the update are quite likely locked in. It doesn’t matter how bad the reception is - if 505 doesn’t see a big red mark on their balance sheet, it’ll stick, just like every other nerf.


I’m also a long-time player and I do not usually comment on changes as I always believed that change is generally a good thing.

But seeing this preview has me really concerned. I play in the early morning to help me wake up and start my day and again in the evening after work to wind down. I do not want this to be my second job. This game is supposed to be my way of escaping the grind of everyday life, not adding to the grind.

I strongly felt the need to post that I am concerned as well that these changes will put a huge strain on the players and have an overall VERY negative long-term effect on the game.

Devs - please reconsider. There is still time.


I would love to hear a Dev’s response to this. This update would make it harder for mid tier guilds… I wonder what their rational to this is?

Exactly how do these epic rewards help people? And how are epic rewards better than LTs?


Depend on what you mean as “people” think the “help” is directed to different “people” of what you think.

For some “people” the game like it is now dont work too well and allow things that shouldnt happen.

I started play like 1 year and half ago i think, lvl 1304 atm, sure at start was playing a LOT, now lot less (took me 3 days do the kill 150 red troops last time i got it), am in a good but not “hardcore” guild, didnt spent a cent but at same time didnt missed any of the lastest released Mythics and miss only 8 troops (Included 2 idc about that are zully and xanthy), got quite high stats (and 35k total renown) and right now got saved 2.700 gem keys.

Also getting enough gems to go right away for x10 tier 7 on new faction release (nm if it’s hard or easy) and do my job on events (and maxing sentinels on GW), never, except maybe the first months, used gems for keys.

That’s kinda strange for that kind of game so isnt only logical to take away from me KEYS to give me in exchange chaos shards (of which i got 50k without ever bothering with delve outside events), ingots (of which i got 4k+ legs and 2,6k mythics), treasures (useful as both shards and ingots) and other useless craps i got no use for instead?

About your last question is simple, they arent better than LT’s (nerfed or not) in any way.

Used to say GoW was the most friendly f2p game i seen so far, we will see if can say the same in a while.


I find no issue
Unless your constantly upgrading hoards, which no one seems to do
Any decent guild should have no problem
90% of my weekly play time is the bare minimum of doing all events and daily things, and I will always have more gold than I know what to do with
Honestly LTs have been nerfed into uselessness anyway, except for the extremely rare occasional mythic,which may or may not be helpful for a small percentage of people
Frankly I could care less how it affects newer players, if they just found this game after 5 years, good for them, but too little too late

Overall, I can take it or leave it, it’ll have no effect on my gameplay
I will happily take the new item that makes deeds

As for the mass exodus
Almost every update this is claimed, I remember when the graphics update happened a few years back, I heard the same thing…


I can’t believe the Devs are doing this.
Recruiting is awful. There are too many guilds, and a lot of those are dying.
Why are we adding more grind to this game?
Let me guess. It’s either grind or PAY to keep up and be competitive.
I have spent lots of money, and I have told others that I support my game and the DEVS, but I am getting really tired of feeling like I have to play for hours everyday, or pay to skip the grind.
I have 3 players retiring after years of playing. All because the grind took the fun away. That is 10% of my guild. Please, for the love of good gaming, STOP THE INSANITY.


Yep, this is going to murder and eviscerate a lot of guilds. Especially ones at the top that are barely hanging onto their userbase and having to spend way too much time recruiting and filling spots. They should do the right thing and bury this as fast as possible. Most of my guild is barely hanging on after adding a grind on top of every card from medals (which was also a mistake). Just went down to br2 from br1 for the first time in 8 or 10 months because it’s already too hard to find people to play. Now every person in the guild will have to triple their gold output to get LTs? Scrap the idea immediately, and take a good look at whoever suggested this idea too.


I posted a longer and more eloquent reply in the main thread, but for those who have not read that thread (or don’t want to even attempt the 262+ replies there), in summary:

I’ve been playing 8 months or so. Was in a mid-tier guild, around the 1500 mark in ranking. ONCE ever did we do some LTs, only managed 2-3 before the week was up. Universally decided it was NOT worth the work. And that was fine for me. Whatever.

That guild died about a month ago and I joined a new guild, this one in the 220ish range. Much closer to the top. I don’t know what makes a guild a ‘top guild’ but this is a lot closer. We crush a lot of the tasks. But come Friday night/Saturday morning, it stops. No more contributing. We finish the week with 2-4 tasks fully complete, the others sitting at 0 gold donated after completing the first 9-11 levels of them. So, short of LT’s by about 2.6-3mil gold, depending on the week. We COULD do it. We choose not to. Why?

Because come Monday morning my inbox explodes with loot. 2-3mil gold gets donated Monday morning.

The guild, as it stands, in the 220’s ranking, stops wasting gold on the diminishing returns, and doesn’t even bother to push for LTs. So they can save up and get a head start on next week.

Its been the same way all 4 weeks I’ve been in the guild.

This change will absolutely guarantee that I NEVER see an LT while in this guild. Ever.

And that means the only shot I have is crossing my fingers, dropping out of a good group of people, and joining a higher ranked guild in hopes that they have the wherewithal to grind out that kind of gold.

Whats this change mean for me? I resign myself to never seeing another LT reward, ever, or abandon a good guild thats been good to me, in hopes of stepping on the heads of others to climb into a higher guild.


As an aside, I saw a note from someone in the other thread who’s in a guild ranked in the 60’s who only does a few LTs a week. If a guild in the 60’s doesn’t have a chance to get LTs after this change (think about it - if they do say 10 a week… thats 10 million gold that just sinks into the new epic tasks, still not coming anywhere CLOSE to unlocking LTs), that means that there are only 2040 players in the entire game that can have a hope of getting an LT. Why 2040? If that guys guild is in the 60’s, lets assume rank 69… there are only 68 “better” guilds out there. 68 * 30 people = 2040 players.

Yes, my number is a bit facetious as you don’t need to be rank 68 or above to get LTs, but if a rank 60ish guild isn’t coming close, how many are pulling in the gold to actually achieve that on a regular basis? 20 maybe? 600 players total in the entire game?

There are guilds in the top 10 realizing they won’t be doing LT’s anymore. Across all platforms I would say maybe 500 or so players will continue to get LT’s, but at a greatly reduced rate.


Iam driving the quit-train, hop aboard the tickets are free.


So is playing lol. No one is forcing anyone to continue playing. I love when players threaten quiting like its gonna make a difference. The game isnt a job like many want to claim it’s becoming. It feels like that for some since they are used to playing at a high level trying to achieve the most. There are many mid-level and super casual guilds out there, I just think the players threatening to quit were already at the door waving goodbye and the devs are just opening the door for them.

Now that I’ve said my piece on the mass hysteria on here. Yes, there are some serious concerns about the upcoming update as pointed out by many others. Do I think its gonna be game breaking? No, because every other time the forums goes ape and claims this will end the game, it never does. I think everyone needs to calm down a touch. The core gameplay is EXACTLY the same, and most people play for the community and guilds they are in not for some LTs. And if you are, then you are most likely in a guild that will still get them.

The devs make a massive mistake in posting a controversial feature that they had to know would rile up the crowd. That post salty made and subsequent responses show a massive disconnect and they also shouldn’t be absolved of that ridiculousness.

TL;DR The devs/PR are disconnected and prefer fanning the forum flames opposed to working with their most active player base. If players are that upset just leave the game already and save us the exit op ed.

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@bobbydvt247 you raise a good point.

I chose to release this information early so players could familiarise themselves with it, and choose to complete a bunch of Legendary Tasks now or save their gold for the new tasks. If I had left this information to release when the update did, we would have a lot of players upset that they hadn’t been given the opportunity to use their resources before the change. It was a ‘damned if I do, damned if I don’t’ situation. Thus, I decided to post early so players could converse, and have the time to make an informed choice regarding their resource use.


This is what happens when Devs implement changes that they know the players won’t like.

So they know, and still choose to do it.

And then they phrase it is ‘better for players’.

Since they know the players won’t like the change, they mislead (lie?) about it.

Further evidence of the modus operandi of this company, through their actions and inactions.



Been there. Heard the complaints. And avoided it myself way back when console patches lagged far behind mobile steam. AKA, before salty time.

Be thankful to Salty you were forewarned.

I don’t believe I have misled the playerbase at any time regarding this change. I released the information as soon as I was able too.

I will continue to do this where possible moving forward. (Thanks @UKresistance.)

Since you have tried to sell this as ‘better for players’, either players are being misled, or you know better than the players what is good for them…

…so which one is it?



The big problem I see is the mid guilds that get a hand full of LTs already. They will never see them again. So less competition for the top guilds in Wars unless someone in those guilds quit their job and get to grinding.