Do mobile have advantages over consoles?

im curious on xbox1 no redeem codes and seems like we re capped lower for payouts like the game but kinda seem to suck

Yes, but nothing game-breaking. Mostly, PC/mobile gets updates first, since the console trails behind (it’s a port).

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redeem codes for csole would be nice invested a bit of money seems like i usuallly troops i dont use as much like the console was tring to squeeze more $maybe im wrong but seems that way greatgame though alas

If I can parse out your meaning, I don’t think the lack of PC-compatible redeem codes is as large a deal as you’re making it out to be. The rewards are modest.

Incidentally, capitalization and punctuation go a long way toward lending both readability and credence to your grievances.


ouch. haha yeah as a player on console I can agree. Redeem codes don’t do much and there are way more things from pc that would be better.

fair enough im bipolar so sometimes i mess up. i know off topic but just saying

I didn’t mean it to be rude, though it came across that way. My apologies. I just can’t always tell if I’m answering the question you’re asking or not, so whatever proofreading you can do would be great.


just found about them got a lil jealous my bad

granted im 44 but my typing is like a 3rd grader i know

Consoles have all the daily challenges/tasks that the PC nor mobile version have. That is basically the consoles’ version of redeem codes.


saw your vid got excited then jealous my mistake

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Given that everything is designed for the Mobile/Steam version first, things are guaranteed to come out sooner and be less buggy on those devices. That being said, I’ve been told that bringing Consoles up to the same standard is one of the major goals moving forward this year - they’re hiring more programmers for it and so on. Presumably Consoles are already way better than they were in January.

Difference is about 2 months in favor of pc version, so nothing to big :slight_smile: