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Redeem Codes on Console

@Saltypatra Can you please have someone revisit allowing redeem codes on console. The last official news was that they were 100% setup, approved, and working on XBL. However, Sony was still not allowing them on the PSN. In order to maintain console parity they were disabled on XBL.

Under the agreements would it be legally possible to turn them on for XBL only? They are separate stores after all, and its not like we can move accounts between the systems. This might put the tiniest pressure on Sony to also allow them. If Sony still don’t want to allow redeem codes, then at least XBL players can use them.



Considering parity… perhaps they will be turned on for console when PC/Mobile gets Daily Tasks?



I’m certain that one has nothing to do with the other.

It always struck me as odd that Sony somehow denies us the ability to enter a code on a website that results in us getting a few in-game goodies in the mail, but they have no problem with the devs just sending us free stuff, or the support desk giving us compensation when we report a glitch or bug.

And for the record, as a PS4 player, I wouldn’t have any problem with redeem codes being activated on XBox. It isn’t their fault that Sony has a silly policy and our eco-systems don’t overlap in any way.


Pretty sure he’s just pointing out they have something we don’t have and we have something they don’t, not that they are related in any way.


Sure, but we also get mana masteries over level 1000 and that has nothing to do with anything either. @Strat’s point was that this is a Sony issue, not a “console” issue and grouping the two consoles together is somewhat arbitrary when there is really no reason to do so except that they always have.


100% Right on.

One could also falsely argue we have Daily Tasks to compensate for a reduction in Tribute collection opportunities. But those two are also completely unrelated.

PS @Stan excellent point about support sending resources to console accounts. I didn’t even think of that.


@vanyel Has the right of it. If my intent was not clear, let me be more blunt. My hope is that in the near future, console can have redeem codes AND PC/Mobile can have daily tasks.

I am for everybody having everything! :wink:


Ok. I got you.

Sirrian said that Daily Tasks were coming to PC/Mobile right after the migration of Mobile to Unity. (obviously that’s now finished). They have been think about bringing them over for 2 years now, but the old platform Adobe? Was the limiting factor.

One issue was technical (now solved), the other is legal/agreements (hence my post).


I vote no codes, tasks, or even updates on either console. Until the Nintendo Switch gets a port! (A mobile port that is) :grin:

It just makes me sad. GoW is on most mobiles and on the major consoles. But not on the most major mobile console. :worried::persevere:

This made me literally lol! :joy:

That being said, I am no expert, but am a long time gamer, and if memory serves Nintendo is one of the most difficult companies to produce for. They are very particular and this could have something to do with why 505 has not sought out a publishing agreement with them.

Or, they may have sought it out, but given that GoW is available on PC/Mobile/Xbox/and Sony… Nintendo may have just said no. Market is too saturated with the product already… Nintendo likes exclusivity.


Maybe Nintendo has already agreed to the Swtich being the premier platform for Gems of War 2: Krystara vs the Mushroom Kingdom!!!



My VIP better carry over. I don’t mind starting from scratch. But I refuse to grind out souls ever again. Oh and my Dawnbringer of course.

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Ideally, we would love to port to the Switch! But things aren’t always that easy. If we ever get the go ahead to travel down that route, we will tell you when it’s finalised. :slight_smile:

Regarding codes, still no changes from Sony. Sorry everyone.


Thank you, how did your silly attorneys allow Sony to exert influence over other environments they dont own, such as XBL. As you can not transfer anything between systems. Unless you guys are getting a special monthly compensation package directly from Sony.

Sony might have a policy blocking things that aren’t a “Good Value” like EA Pass, cross play, free things, etc. But unless you guy are getting real money it seems like a bad agreement.

Just as long as it’s you Salty who tells me I will or won’t be able to use my mobile account on it. That’s the first thing I want to know before anything else. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

I just don’t get how Rocket League can be played with players cross platform but this can’t. I think someone told me because Rocket League is an Indy Game?

Just to explain a bit more on why we don’t have codes on Console, it’s a requirement from the Console Manufacturers.

The main reason that they don’t allow something like codes was because of another company which had implemented their own code system into their game, but decided to use it as an alternative to in-app purchases. This of course meant that purchases were being made on the consoles through unofficial channels by the developers of that game, and were bypassing the Console’s storefront all together (which is a big no-no from all the Console Manufacturers).

It’s something we would like to add back into the game for console players, but unfortunately we cannot.


Instead of redeem codes you could just send console players stuff in their mail.

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So another case of one bad egg ruins the whole batch for everyone!

You would think that the console manufacturers would have a legal disclosure that says you would not use “redeem codes” as a means to bypass in-app purchases, yada yada legal mumbo jumbo, etc. And once signed, you were held to it but could at least USE codes.


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No kidding. I can’t really see how this jumps across systems if one single bad egg misbehaved on the Sony Network violating their “Terms of Service” and all kinds of legal agreements. How does that effect redeem codes on Xbox Live unless that bad egg was under the 505 games umbrella…

Oh well. I do appreciate the developers responding, I’m sure if IP2 could legally put redeem codes on XBL they would.

I may have misunderstood the devs, but I think that they said that XBL never denied them the ability to use codes. That was just an internal decision by IP2 or 505 to keep the consoles similar.

So, they COULD use codes on XBox but have elected not to so as not to increase disparity between platforms.

Unless I am wrong…


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Yeah, XBL is 100% good to go. It’s either 505 or the developers disabling them on XBL because Sony will not approve them on PSN. Oh well, It’s unfortunate.