Devs are on to us


Too bad it doesn’t actually filter them out.


We need this to filter out the players that use goblins rockworms whole kingdoms.


LOL! I never actually realized that was in game. :slight_smile:


I meant to start making a list, they swapped in a dozen+ new ones in 1.0.8. We’ve also got “Over 9001” of some kind in there…


I was going to make a silly post about “look guys new level cap lolol” with that 9001 screen cap but I never remembered to catch it when it came up. Missed opportunities!

I also enjoy the new game loading card captions, like “watering the dryad,” “using magic on the servers,” and “reading patch notes.”


I saw the goblin one the other night and had a good laugh about it with my wife. I love little stuff like that.



“Goblin Abuser”
“Needs a Rest”
“Plays Slowly”
“Silly Name”
“Mouth Breather”

“Watering the Dryad”
“Using Magic on Servers”
“Reading Patch Notes”
“Forging Epic Weapons”
“Practising Battle Cries” (misspelled, practicing has two Cs.)


Practise is the spelling of the verb form sometimes, outside North America.


Just saw one go by… “Currently Alight”. Clearly an alternate version of On Fire!!! I thought it was particularly funny thanks to the wordplay.



Spell-check on here must be set to American English…


Ah, yes; just noticed that.

You would think they would, at the very least, include a Goblin-American English dictionary on the forums.


Practise is the spelling of the verb form ALWAYS




After your timeout, you might want to apologise apologize for your wicked behaviour behavior; alternatively, you could just write a cheque check to your favourite favorite charity.


Are you trying to make poor @Jainus’s head explode? :smiley:



I know where you live… wolves will be coming…


To those using the letter Z instead of S, I can only quote Pulp Fiction: “Z is dead.”