This.. Is... Getting... ridiculous

I’ve been on the forums for 2.5 years now…
With a certain irony at this point, it was a dev who urged me to make a forums account.
As someone who never feared a fight or an argument. Some of my time here could be viewed as contentious.
But like anything, with experience comes wisdom. So eventually I learned. I can’t justify my voicing my endless issues with the game by saying it’s to help the community… If at the same time I’m hurting the community with my behavior here. (I’m not perfect, so please refrain from any “what about the recent post” posts) Much to my dismay, this also started including my “bragging” posts. It’s difficult to hold up an accomplishment without possibly causing someone that reads it, to feel down because of it.
Because of that life education. Anything deemed an accomplishment has just been shared on my private server. On discord an individual can easily leave the server or just mute the channel that I brag about my guilds and members on.
This is relevant because 5 days ago I posted about this accomplishment :
3 days later I went to edit that same Recruiting thread and found out I couldn’t anymore. (After being able to for 2 years).
Assumed the best in the admin here and figured it was just a bug. So I made this thread.
Discourse Bug? (Less than 15)
The devs were not at work when I posted this. And I hoped it would get a response when they returned. It didn’t… And that is fine for the most part. It wasn’t a priority issue that needed to be addressed urgently…I get that. But because of the lack of response or answers. I did some research today. I found out that admin or mods can control a time window under which we are able to edit old posts. The default settings is 2 months. So anything within 60 days can be edited. Outside of 60 days only comments can be edited. Or whatever the window is the admin changed this forum to.
Despite those who alleg otherwise, I don’t believe that the world revolves around me. And you can “Illuminati”/dismiss my theory… But you have to at the very least consider the timing to be suspect. Now all of a sudden after at least 2.5+ years… Old posts can’t be edited? This includes titles.
Yes, there’s Recruiting Threads that are older than mine. And yes a lot of guilds make new ones all the time anyway. But they have the choice to create new ones or (at the time) edit old threads. Why force me, or other members, to make a new thread every 60 days? And if there’s an actual legit reason for the change. Then why not make an official post about it? Don’t have the time to make the post? Well, then you also don’t have the time to make the change then. :man_shrugging:

Scenario A on my theory of reasons for the change.

  • Someone complained to the devs that pointing out my thread has over 28k views gives me an unfair Recruiting advantage. Even if thats true. The devs have made it clear they stay out of guild politics. So to change how the forums works because of it is contrary to their very own policy.

Scenario B on my theory of reasons for the change.

  • Recently, I’ve been highly critical of the devs and the game. Even to the point that recently it triggered Salty to say on her patch preview “see what happens” in reply to me suggesting she plays the game more before telling folks how easily “life and Death combined with Orbweaver” can be countered. I took it as a joke at the time. But now I’m not sure. So scenario B…B stands for backlash. I pointed out how I enjoy an aspect of the forums and in less than a week that aspect was basically removed. If I can’t edit old posts then my old Recruiting thread becomes practically useless. Which honestly… Just sucks and feels deflating.

Basically… you win devs. Me being a loud speaker of what’s wrong with the game is no longer worth the effort. Not if you’re going to find childish ways to cost me more time. The price isn’t worth the admission.
I’ve prided myself on giving you open and honest feedback in hopes of improvement in Gems of War. But here I am having to raise an issue with an issue that should of never been an issue. Instead of just enjoying the game.
No, I’m not going to quit the forums. But consider me muzzled… because this… is… getting… ridiculous.

(And please, don’t waste my time by saying some BS reasons as to why the change was implemented. Either change it back to “no time limit on editing posts” or don’t. Either way I no longer care how much you frank up your livelihood or upset the community that supports that livelihood.)

^^^ my spirit animal personified


They can’t either. I just checked an old comment of mine from 2017


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Could it be a mistake/bug/decision not related to you @awryan?

I don’t think that the devs would have take that decision only to “stop” your thread or you

I feel like in the OP I expressed my thoughts enough that no clarification is necessary. I’m not here to waiver public opinion. I simply want to be able to edit my old posts and any reason that I can’t is simply juvenile. People can decide for themselves if it was intended or a mistake. As stated also in the OP, originally I thought it was a bug. But having done research on it… It seems to be an admin choice. So not a bug.

I’m finding this quite amusing. Really no insult intended, the overall situation just cracks me up. :joy:


I’d assume there’s a perfectly reasonable technical explanation, like old posts getting archived to some read-only storage for performance reasons.

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Please don’t misquote me unless you enjoy being misquoted as well.

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I noticed it too. I can think of no reason at all that makes any sense about why we cannot edit over 60 days. I guess they want forums even more flooded with recruitment threads.

Based on my research. There’s no technical issue at all correlated with old posts.

Which is the only reason I saw as to why discourse made it an option to limit edits. To “avoid spam”. But in the case that we use it. It’ll cause the problem it was made to avoid.

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Theatrics aside, I just want to add my vote for undoing this change.

My guild recruitment thread is only a year old, but with this policy, that would have been 6 threads by now. And with no way to edit old ones, people looking for a guild would be lost as to which one is the current one. Please don’t make recruiting harder than it already is :frowning:


I guess I’ll have to start making new threads with the date in it


Pretty sure this is a Discourse issue and not a dev issue. The devs don’t control how Discourse works, they just put the forum here. Aaaand I’m out.

Aaaaand in the OP you can find a link where it makes it clear that it’s up to the admin of the forum (not discourse) to decide what’s allowed to be edited and what’s not.
So my advice is… Before you say “pretty sure” perhaps check a source or 2. (I did… Hence the reason the OP exists in the first place.)

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+1 to support the request to revert the settings to allow us all to edit our threads


+1 to allow edits to our recruitment threads. It seems silly to have to make a new one because we have a new opening.


Straight to conspiracy theories? Really?

I’m looking into this because it seems as though something changed unexpectedly. We didn’t do this on purpose, so Discourse must have had an update. TO REPEAT, we did not change anything.

I likely won’t be able to action anything regarding this today as my work load is very full after coming back, but it is on my radar.


Where/how to change something that “discourse” must have gone in and changed for you. No limit would be nice.

And while you’re there… changing the titles to a minimum of 5 or 10 would be superb.

As well as allowing for at least a few more emojis than the limit of 1.

I hope this information helps change back something that should of never been changed in the first place. :grinning:

PS… I checked for any update information and couldn’t find anything other than a beta update. But in no way am I saying that an update couldn’t of happened. I just couldn’t find any news in my search for discourse updates. :man_shrugging:

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I thought people like you get rewarded :mask:
That’s what I said in past with all this contribution towards the forum and the game and no insensitive :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
If it was up to me every year I gift couple gems and other goodies to show how appreciated I am to the players that stood with us and contributed towards the continuation of the game.
Here they’ll give you a cute face to tell you Happy Anniversary :mask: (let’s be honest they know the majority of boys here are weak when it comes to females) that’s my 2s

If it was up to me there’d be a Horse Lord avatar and Burrito Golem but here we are, bitching that we have to paste a new recruitment thread and assuming that it’s some targeted harassment despite several verifications it’s affecting every user.

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