Devour target troops, cancel spell button

Please indicate devour vulnerable troops when casting spell with devour chance. It is boring to check troops manually before casting. It would be nice improvement to add “cancel spell” button on any spellcasting, too.


Yes, the game needs to show some stuff like total damage your spell Will cause, that Will be awesome


Agreed. We also need to be able to have on screen soul and gold collected by the enemy so we know how big the spell damage will be from troops such as Pharos Ra and weapons like skeleton key. Currently, it’s guesswork and countering is impossible.

From what i remember, the reason they can’t implement the spell cancellation is because

• Random target troops cast without targeting.

• Many traits (e.g. Arcane, Divine Right etc) trigger straight after spell cast but before the target selection (open to exploit).

It would be a brilliant feature though since however carefully you play, you can make mistakes that you instantly notice you wish you could take back.

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