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Cancellation Button after Spell Cast

There are in so many occasions where either

  1. My tablet was a little too sensitive and clicked the charged troop underneath and not realizing I pressed cast


  1. I saw a 4 or 5 match while pressing the cast button

This has cost me the game a number of times and I believe there will be others out there too.
Could you please add a cast cancel button once activated?


yes I have all of these problems as well, it would be pretty awesome


It would introduce too many bugs.


As someone who doesn’t see the point in spell cancel button I must admit point one is actually the best I’ve heard, however this is more a UI issue than cancelling a spell issue.

Your second point is more of the common “I made a mistake, undo! Undo!” Reason.

Given the problem with implementation and the on cast traits, I think asking for a better indication of which spell is selected would be the simpler solution.

Note: I play Xbox not mobile, I don’t know how its interface looks or how easy it is to make a mistake like point 1

As someone who sees the point in having a cancel button and actually using a touch screen I can clarify point 1 down to two or three reasons.

  1. Constant speed runs in pvp can sometimes cause you to do things out of habit. In this case pressing the cast button without giving thought or viewing the cast preview.

  2. Touch screens are sometimes sensitive and even can depend on the angle of your finger or your posture. I wonder if you never had that occasion where you mis-clicked on a touch screen when you think you obviously pressed the right button.

  3. Maybe I have fat or crooked fingers.

Mix the three and that should give you the explanation to the “rich” story you read today.

I’m actually one of the rare people who don’t mind the current UI and i’m not here to cover my mistakes as devs faults.

If the devs approve my request I will appreciate their generosity, if not couple of game losses won’t kill me.

Hope you never make these mistakes but if you do and you find that cancel button you can thank me.

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I would like to see a “Cancel Cast” or at least in console, that you can go back after you press “Cast”, in my personal experience this usually happens when i am playing fast and didnt realize there is a 4 gem match. It would be a useful option, but honestly it isnt anything i cant live without, because in any case its my fault to not pay attention.

Having mention that, since i play in console (PS4), you dont have the sensitivity problem @Fiara mention, so is likely it would be a much more useful improvement for moblie game.

First you appear to misunderstand. I truly do see point 1 as a good reason, I also believe it can be solved by somehow highlighting the spell you are about to cast or put more distance between troops( or something else) as opposed to creating a back button.

The reasons I don’t want this button are:

  1. Not applicable to all troops, I.e. infernus, tds, man, weaken, etc have no target and so just cast. This makes the button redundant for many troops.

  2. Traits with on spell cast effects would need to be reworked so they activate at different times or have the effect reversed on using the cancel spell button, either way a lot of work and a source of bugs.

  3. Most of the reasons I see are “I needed to go back cuz I missed that 4 or I cannot target what I want”. These are user mistakes caused by not paying attention in a game where you can take 10 minutes to make a move.

I want the devs to spend time creating new troops, remaking old troops or fixing known issues than to create a button mostly used when the user spots a 4 or cannot do what they want.


That’s an explanation I can agree with :blush:

Thanks for clarifying your point as I found the initial post somewhat snide.

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GODS yes. This, please.

Here is a idea in place of cancel but I think its also a nicer change. Requiring you to press and hold ‘cast’ for x seconds before it activates. Instead of how it is currently with press and activated. This way a press and hold assumes this is what you want. And a quick tap is simply discarded.