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Cancelling the spell

Hello there.

I would like to ask whether such feature can be implemented: whenever you have pressed “Cast The Spell” it could be cancelled - as an example, there are troops that can shuffle the order of your team, but you “by accident” press the button that was previously for a troop that has always been there before the shuffle. I understand that it is a cosmetic improvement, but sometimes it might be a fatal mistake that leads to the defeat.


Been discussed. There cant be a cancel due to some “on cast” troop functions.

Can you share a thread? Isn’t “on cast” is engaged only after the spell is casted? Thanks for the link beforehand.

Search for “cancel spell” there are a few threads. Issue doesn’t seem unsolvable but bigger fish to fry, I’m sure

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Yup. Found it. Can we have "Cancel" for Targeting spells, please?

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