Developer Role Directory

So a recent discussion made me realise that a directory of who does what in the devs might be a useful thing. Particularly where @ pings are involved, as I feel Nim and Sirrian get the raw end of the stick a bit with those :stuck_out_tongue:

Also if any of the devs want to chime in and correct their roles or expand on them, feel free. I’ll try to keep this first post up to date. Thanks to @Theicla for some observations about the console devs.

Sirrian - Head Honcho - Does a bit of everything. Day to day focus seems to be development of new stuff.

Nimhain - Head of Live Ops - Deals with the current state of the game. So balance, bugs, and basically everything that’s released on live.

Andrew - Tech Lead - Deals with all things tech.

Ashalind - Art Director - Deals with artsy stuff.

SaltyPatra - Community and Social Media Ninja - Deals with the Social Media accounts (Twitter, reddit etc), and community related posts.

Alpheon - Console Developer - Deals with console related stuff. Seems to have an XBOX focus.

GoldPheonix0 - Console Developer - Deals with console related stuff. Seems to have a PS4 focus.

Lila36 - Customer Support - Deals with Zendesk tickets, and posts on the forums occasionally in bug related threads.

Vexx, Paragon of Virtue - Customer Support - Deals with Zendesk tickets.

CliffyA - Creating bugs on the server! - @CliffyA himself will have to enlighten us further though :wink:

Let me know if I’ve missed anyone!

Group Activity Links:
Moderators - Alpheon, GoldPheonix0, SaltyPatra, Sirrian, Lila36

Admins - Nimhain, Sirrian, Andrew

Developers - All the Devs from IP2 mentioned in the two groups above, and Vexx and Lila.


You missed me, man…!

Verdugo - Professional Harold Enthusiast


Great Idea @Ozball, would love to see the devs drop in and give an official statement regarding their positions! As you said this would help us annoy the RIGHT dev! :wink:

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Vexx used to be the main guy in customer support. Haven-t needed to send one in a while, is he not around anymore?

Edit: Can-t seem to find him, and old mentions of him are no longer clickable.


Vexx is still around, (at least in Discord, and shows up in global occasionally) maybe had a role change?

Vexed @Ozball forgot Vexx. I think he handled all of my tickets, except for one, which Nim took care of.


I’m sorry Vexx!!! :’( the Paragoness of Virtue blinded me from everything else!

(also Vexx added to OP now)

Vexx is still around, he generally isn’t that active on the forums, but can be found hanging out in Global Chat or Discord.

Also Andrew is our Tech Lead on Gems of War. There is also Ashalind who is our Art Director.


You could put links to the devs profilles, to make it easy to find all their posts.

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Not a bad idea, I’ll put in the group activity list links as well.

You should steal my fox picture from my old thread.

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