Is the GoW Team on vacation?

I submitted last Friday a support ticket and figure it wouldn’t be looked at until their Monday/ my Sunday night.

It’s their Wednesday and I’ve not heard a peep…

I’ve noticed several threads wanting dev input and nothing. I know I saw that someone from dev was on vacation.

It just seems weird.

Hey Tasiakat!

Unfortunately we are not staffed over the weekend, so any support tickets submitted on Friday, Saturday or Sunday will typically be handled the following week.

If you can PM me your ticket number I can pass it on to the support agents to look at before they head home for the night. :slight_smile:

Currently Sirrian and Nimhain are both attending GDC and will be back shortly. There are still a lot of devs around answering questions and working hard. For example, @Alpheon and @GoldPhoenix0 have been running tests on the console AI and explaining their results thoroughly over the last few days.

(Contrary to popular belief devs are human and should be encouraged to take holidays every now and then. I hear it does great things for their general well being. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’m also using the term holiday loosely as they are attending industry conventions.)


Sirrian and Nimhain went to GDC, and my guess is they’re staying in the US till this weekend and going to PAX East as well for business purposes. So while Sirrian talks about being on vacation, I think it’s mostly just the break between GDC and PAX. The other devs have been around on the forums (I’ve seen posts from Salty, GoldPheonix0, Andrew, Alpheon and Lila), but it’s possible for the particular threads you’re referring to, they need a higher level input, which means Sirrian or Nimhain, and Sirrian has stated he doesn’t have overly reliable internet access at the moment, so that’s probably causing the hold up there. As for support, I’m not sure if they are down people there or not.

In short, as far as we know, only Sirrian and Nimhain are on “holiday” at the moment. But again, this is only my assumptions based on the information we’ve been given.

EDIT: Goddamnit! Sniped by @Saltypatra :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s no big deal…and Yes I am fully aware that nobody is around in support on the weekends.

It just was odd. Especially the other threads. Us folks in the US don’t know the holidays of other countries :slight_smile: which is why I asked.

We’re not going to PAX East (as much as we would like to).

Sirrian and I will be back in the office next week.