Dev Q & A (28th of April) 7 PM PDT

Just to clarify so there’s no confusion, only 2 doom weapons need fixing: Doomed Blade and Doomed Club. The reason? The “create a gem” upgrade can ruin what should have been a 4-match therefore losing your extra turn and handing the turn over to the enemy with a board full of doomskulls.

We don’t need a huge overhaul of all weapons, all we need is a “bandaid fix” on these 2 weapons.


Are you sure you couldn’t just stream on Finnish prime time? There are at least four players here, I counted. So it’s really getting out of hands in here… I know you think highly of us, why else would there be a Finnish flag in invasion :thinking:


Another question (stream hours are in the middle of my sleep time so 0% chance i’ll be up at that time):

Are there any new game modes planned or even considered to be added to the game
(f.e. maybe some kind of individual pvp events, like tournaments) ?

Wait, we’re limiting the question wrt weapon affixes to > doom weapons < creating a single gem? What about mythic and legendary weapons creating or destroying a single gem? Those are more likely to backfire than the doomskull converter weapons.

Carved, Watery, Warm, Verdant, Astral, Fiendish should only be on weapons that thematically fit them, i.e. weapons that create gems of those respective colours in the first place, no?

What about affixes destroying a single gem? Dusk, Stone, Dawn, Hot, Forest, Cold - there’s not many of them, they’re still meh though.

There’s also a number of weapons whose affixes create unrelated storms, drastically limiting their usefulness if upgraded.


Remove Wed and Sat all day pet rescues. Or better yet, allow those to run alongside one hour rescues.


The obvious answer is to buy Gems and max them as they are released during rescue events.

Pets are a designed Gem sink. (I’d say something witty like “Change my mind”, but…no one will, on this.)

I’d like pet gnome hunting to be incentivized better too; the pet food reward for killing a gnome isn’t worth much. Give the finder an extra copy of the pet as a reward!

This would also alleviate the dispiriting effect of spending hours hunting a gnome only for the RNG to grant just one copy from the 8 battles; really frustrating when that happens.


I don’t know if I will make it to the Q&A so just in case can someone axe (yes, I said axe because I think it’s hilarious when people say axe instead of ask) where Ulf Harrigan’s face is? Thanks

I don’t really have questions so much as a list of demands for things that need to be fixed before they make people quit the game. It isn’t exactly the same thing.

(But Dawnbringer doesn’t need a random gem spawn any more than Doomed Blade and Club. FWIW.)


I used this team today for the FA.

Not sure which affix exactly causes “the hang time” but I feel like I’m still waiting for the cast to be over.
There’s a good half a second pause which in GoW time feels like an eternity when using an AoE team.

Mana Generators SHOULD speed up a team. Not slow it down.

So whichever affix is to blame, please a fix that as well. :+1:

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Not a word about Treasure Hunt. Looks like everyone that wanted its improvement already stooped playing. Okay, some questions from me:

  • Will there be changes in Treasure Hunt?
  • What will happen with useless (and becoming useless) resources? Like tons of Legendary or Mythic ingots, or traitstones, or chaos shards when all Underworld factions will be maxed.
  • Will rewards for an Epic Vault Key be improved? Because for such a rare thing current rewards are not inspiring.
  • Will Soulforge grant more Mythics and Legendaries each week?

Could some please ask if Elemental and Construct classes are in the pipeline. Also make medals assignable to each particular event. Thank you kindly in advance :smiley::+1:

I only have one simple question if someone be so kind and ask on stream -

  • Will Medals (and Badges) of Aranaea receive a buff to +8 (and +2 respectively) Attack?

Those are the only unwanted tokens anyone wants to receive.
Anyone who’s combined three Badges of Seasons, is questioning why they exist.


Too bad I can only like it once.

With Daily Offers now making (ofc, only non-cosmetic) pets available any time they’re Power-blocking, I see this as way less of a problem than it used to be, though :man_shrugging:


I know I’m not completely sane, but I like the concept of treasure hunt, if only the rewards were better, I might actually play it more than just the forced campaign games… so this is something I would very much like to know too… I ain’t no yesterday’s grouses son and I do understand it’s not the nro. 1 priority, but just a shy nod would do…

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I’m chasing the pet leaderboard and because I’ve maxed out most cosmetic pets with gems i miss out on the cheaper pet offers since I’m not blocked on kingdoms.

Still a pretty big issue imo… I’m a casual end-game player, here’s tasks I’m stuck on for kingdoms thanks to Gemologica.


Are you buying every available pet offer @NerdieBirdie ?

If so, that’s pretty surprising to me. I’ll need to recalibrate the advice I give to U3/4/5 people in my guild network, maybe (though we also coordinate gnome weekends such that all our guilds come pretty close to 24/7 rescues, so :man_shrugging: Maybe that’s why I don’t see it as an issue as much. And also because I don’t impose any leaderboards on myself that aren’t actually in-game and/or tied to actual progress in the form of better tributes or stats).

Today is the day, team!