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Dev Q & A (3.5 Update, Monday 2/7/18)

You read that right! Next week we will be having our monthly Developer Q & A!

This month Sirrian and Nimhain will be doing a deep dive into the development process of 3.5. Jump in, ask your questions, and listen to them talk all things game development and Gems of War!

Please feel free to leave your questions below. I will be taking a selection of relevant questions with me into the Stream so our fearless leaders can answer them for you. As always, please keep your questions fresh and kind. If we have answered your questions previously they won’t be asked again, and if you ask your questions in a rude way I won’t be passing them on.

There will be 15 minutes at the end of the stream where you can chime in with ANY questions you like. These don’t have to concern 3.5. We will endeavour to get through as many as we can!

Now, the particulars. This stream will be one hour. In the future we are looking at extending this to two, but for now please be aware that we won’t be able to answer everything. Where is the stream? Easy! Our Twitch channel.

And the time??? Sunday 6 30 PM PDT. This is Monday 11 30 AM AEST. This Q & A won’t replace our Tuesday stream, in fact, the Tuesday stream will be a preview of our upcoming mythic troop, Suna.

Now, get to asking adventurers! I can’t wait to see you in stream TWICE next week!


What are your guy’s take on making the invisible kingdoms visible

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Please ask them why Titan received the incredibly unfitting Wind tree instead of the incredibly fitting Storms tree(one might go so far as to call this tree specifically designed for the Titan class thematically and mechanically).


Any new hero class coming out soon?

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Since we now have ingots to upgrade weapon, any chance we see more mythic weapon?

When will you be removing the Hero Class switch fee and implement the ability to use a different class in each team slot? This would really free up using the Hero.


@Emos we have answered your question about the hero class switch fee in the past. As such, it is not a question we will be answering again on stream. (If I remember correctly, we have answered it 4 times in the past.)

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You can see it is coming under games for class event it will be here in 11 days

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Any chance of adding ingots to VIP chests and or legendary tasks ?


This is one we will definitely answer for you.

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Here is another suggestion more than a question.

Add a xp class bonus for ring of wonder, maybe 1 additional xp ?


Any chance we see treasure hunt get some love?

Maybe add ingots as rewards and vault key for getting 2 vaults


Are you going to add ingots in the treasure gnome drops?


Any future plans/solutions to making upgrading weapons easier or making the drop rates of ingots better so reaching Kingdom star 8 not such a gigantic chore compared to pre-update for the people unfortunate enough not to be at the end-game? Maybe an orb of growth to substitute for an ingot?


Any chance you rotate the guarantee orb during raid/invasion?


Except bunnies or any other stupid ass question.


Kinda want to ask Devs how new players are dealing with the new and changing content and if they are feeling overwhelmed. Kingdom requirements are much more varied and complicated/difficult with tasks such as upgrading weapons and getting things that unfortuantly don’t exist at the moment. Not sure how to ask, however.

If this is going to be a stream or Twitch defiantly want to know Devs thoughts on new players and recruiting.

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Can you provide some details for the upcoming anniversary event ?


Could you guys take a couple updates to put efforts on bug fixing and QOL updates instead of outright new content? Troops are fine but slow down a little to fine tune the new content before dropping a half dozen clones of the same mode.


Will all the new Epics related to Invasion/Raids get looked at so they become useful in PvP too?